Tuesday Tips: 6 Ways to Embrace the Moment

Thank you by Kelly Cree

Tuesday Tips: 6 Ways to Embrace the Moment

Thank you by Kelly Cree
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The past week I received everything I've ever wanted. Invitations from friends, money for groceries and gas, great sex, and mad progress made on the School of Life Design site. Not to mention, infinite free time and the ability to go to bed and wake up whenever I desire. I am completely free to do whatever I want, whenever I want.

So of course I was depressed! I wanted to be somewhere else! I wanted structure! I wanted a schedule! I wanted all the things that made me want freedom in the first place!

Yesterday I realized that I was getting everything I've ever wanted, and I still wasn't happy because I wasn't paying attention. I was somewhere else, thinking about the future or what other people think. While all the time in the background of my perception, things were perfect. Kelly has been totally focused working on the SoLD site while I twirl a hula hoop around my feet for hours. Do you have any idea how long I've wanted to WANT to spend hours hooping?? Major manifestation! Not to mention, our website is beautiful and Kelly was the one inspired to work on it!

As I awoke around noon today, I was faced with a choice: feel bad for not getting up earlier (for no reason other than that's what I think I "should" do), or feel amazing because I am totally free to do whatever I want. I chose the latter, deciding that from now on I shall live the life of the queen I am.

I don't have to lift a finger to get what I want. To get what I want, I only have to say "thank you" and enjoy receiving. Because in every moment, we are all truly receiving something we wanted in the past. If I can just enjoy that, and trust that everything I want right now will come to me eventually, I suddenly enter a paradise life similar to a good acid trip. All that matters is playing in the miracle of the present, where there is no time or money and one is engaged with the moment until something even more perfect comes along.

My new goal in life is only to embrace the moment. The mechanics of "embracing the moment" are a little vague, so I've compiled a list of ways to actually do it.

1. Say to yourself, "I embrace this moment."
When I say that in my head, the things I'm resisting about the moment fade away. For example, if I'm lying in bed beating myself up for sleeping in, I can just say "I embrace this moment" and feel the feeling of how good it feels to be in bed. I can let go of the judging thoughts and just bask in the reality that I am lucky enough to have a bed that I want to be in.

You can augment this mantra with an Abraham quote, "This is the main event." Right now is all there is! This sentence can jar your perception back to the Now.

2. Say thank you.
Any time I choose to pay attention and notice what's in my Now reality, I see that I am truly receiving what I wanted. When I start saying "thank you," I start seeing the gifts. A working computer? Thank you! Running water? Thank you! Free time? Thank you! Find things you like about right now and you'll be embracing the moment.

3. Pretend to be royalty.
If you were a fairy tale king or queen, you would have a whole court of people taking care of you. People would cook and clean for you. Your business would come to you. People would be vying for your attention. Your only job would be to sit back and make decisions—basically thinking about what you want. You would be constantly receiving, not struggling to achieve or please. You're the queen, dammit! Tell everything else to bow down!

4. Decide you're a star child.
I've been called an "Indigo child" a few times and yesterday Kelly and I looked it up. Essentially there are lightworkers called "star children," who come from other parts of the universe to be born onto Earth to help humanity. Indigo children came first, and they are clairvoyant healers here to help transform a corrupt society into one of love. Then came Crystal children who have similar powers but are here to help us see our own power. Most recently are the Rainbow children, who are psychic and instant manifesters, here to spread love and joy.

If you're a star child, embracing the moment is easy! Just remember that you're an alien here to bring peace and love, not struggle to conform to society's norms.

5. Relax. Meditate. Play.
Do things that feel good with no end goal. We meditate to be still and know. We play with flow toys like hula hoops just because it feels good to play. We get massages just because it feels good to be touched. Pursue whatever activities bring you back to center, where life feels good and time doesn't matter.

6. Teach your mind to trip without drugs.
Staring at one point and breathing is a good way to see how bizarre reality actually is. What we see with our eyes is not nearly as stable as it seems. When you bring your focus to a single point, you can see how fast things are changing, and what a miracle it is that we're here at all!

How do you embrace the moment?

Please share your techniques and methods with us in the School of Life Design!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Kiriko

    Holy crap! I read the sentence, “Just remember that you’re an alien here to bring peace and love,” and got CHILLS because I always think of myself as an alien, and my only life goals are to generate peace and love, but I’d never thought to merge the two concepts before.

    New tattoo time!

    Great post J!

  • Jesslyn Littlepage Ostrokol

    Jessica, another great post!

    I felt particularly drawn to #6 because, for the last 3 years, I’ve been teaching myself to trip without drugs. I call it blissing out and it is an incredible experience.

    I want to live my whole life blissed out. Just floating on a wave of love and delight.

  • jessica mullen

    Kiriko, I know exactly what you mean! It feels like such a relief to think of myself as an alien… the mystery of life always gets deeper!

    Jesslyn, thanks! I want the same exact thing. I am getting there… One day at a time :]

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