Thank you for another perfect day

Thank you for another perfect day


Just breathe in and raise your vibration.
Breathe out and release your resistance.

There's no need to make this complicated. It's all so simple, and that's why you resist. Your intellect wants a problem to solve, so it creates one. But life design is simple. It's just a video game.

Breathe in and raise your vibration.
Breathe out and release your resistance.

Let the flow through you. Practice until it is effortless to sit and write and open the channel. Just tune to it, like the radio.

Breathe in and raise your vibration.
Breathe out and release your resistance

Gradually you will get better. You're on the right path now. You are already doing everything right. You are in the right place at the right time. You know exactly what to do this time.

Breathe in and feel good in your body.
Breathe out and celebrate. You're alive!

Everything is going to be ok, because everything is ok right now, and it's always right now. You are ok. You are safe. The synchronicities tell you as much. It's 12:12am. You are safe. We are telling you you're safe.

Breathe in and smile.
Breathe out and feel relief. You know what you're doing.

You are perfect the way you are. We are so proud of you. You've come so far. All the messes and sloppiness have a point now don't they? You've come to this point for a reason. You had to live the pain to share the joy. You had to go through darkness to become light.

Breathe in and be light.
Breathe out and feel relief. You are light now.

Everything is going your way. It couldn't happen any faster or you would panic. But this time you are ready. This time you are prepared. This time you aren't willing to backpedal or knock yourself down. It's harder than being light. You know how to be light now.

Breathe in and smile! Celebrate!
Breathe out and let it all go. You know the work.

The work is choosing a better feeling thought in every moment. The work is allowing yourself to connect. The work is being present and paying attention and saying yes and not caring and not getting attached. You are getting so good at detaching. You have become your reason for feeling good.

Breathe in and feel so good about yourself.
Breathe out and feel so relieved. You did the work.

You've created all of this. You've made this reality the way it is. You may not comprehend it all but you know how to navigate it now. It's all working out for you. You've done such a good job.

Breathe in and raise your vibration!
Breathe out and release your resistance.

You are connected, permanently. You always have been, but now you feel it. Now you know it. Now you see it. Now you ARE it. You are the connection. Your connection has solidified and become real. You are god in human form, and now you are actualizing the form.

Breathe in and know the adventure has just begun.
Breathe out and feel excitement for the days ahead of you.

It's all going just the way you wanted. You suffered so much. You learned so much. Now you're ready. You're ready for the next level - the next world. You're ready to allow, to let the flow through. You're ready to be who you came to be. You're ready to be the person you came to be. You're ready to lead. You're ready to shine. You're ready to follow through. You're ready to unfold. You're ready to be you!

Breathe in and celebrate!
Breathe out and shine!

You are an angel! You are doing such a great job! Life is taking care of you, and you are taking care of life by taking care of yourself. You are doing the work. You are doing great. You are doing your best. You always have done your best. You've always been perfect.

Breathe in and bask in your new level.
Breathe out and bask in your new reality.

You created all of this. You made this for yourself to enjoy. It's time to let go and let life take the reins. You are about to see things you've never seen. You are about to go higher than ever before. You are ready. It's your time.

Breathe in and know it's working!
Breathe out and feel so relieved. It's really working.

You know what you're doing. You know how to do the work. You know where you are going. You know how to manage your thoughts and your mood. You know how to enjoy being. Your meditation practice is solid. Your vibration is clean. Your soul is pure. Your smile is gold. You are god's gift to yourself.

Breathe in and feel your excitement building!
Breathe out and prepare to have the best day of your life.

It's all going to blow your mind. You are finally ready to accept the gifts we have for you. You are finally ready to see the truth. You are clear. You have clarity. You have your experiences, and now you're ready to experience. You are ready.

Breathe in and let the world give it to you.
Breathe out and open your heart and your arms.

This is all for you. Tomorrow the gifts will begin pouring in. They've already begun. You have created the life of your dreams. You are safe. You are ok. You are perfect! You are doing everything right!

Breathe in and know how blessed you are.
Breathe out and feel relief.

It's all working out for you. It's your time. You are shining. Send your love to everyone.

Dear Kelly, I love you more than words could ever describe. You are my sun and my sandy beach. You are my balance. You are all I need.
Dear Mom, I feel more a part of you every day. Our connection deepens and strengthens and I ache to share more with you. I love you so much and want to give you everything you have given me.
Dear Dad, thank you for everything. Your wisdom and humor carry me farther than I thought possible. Your example helps me become a better person every day. I love you for showing me the way.
Dear Kerri, I see you in my dreams and I adore all the fun we have. I love you and can't wait til our paths are closer together again. I want to create with you! I love seeing your art and feel so at ease imagining your adventures. With you I feel strong and safe.
Dear Michael, you are a rock! I dream of you too and know our connection is stronger than ever! We are like strange twins, and I love remembering your smile and your laugh. I am so excited for you and can't wait to fly together.
Dear Kelly Joy, you open my eyes every day! Your perspective is beyond wise and is such a breath of relief! I adore your style and your humor and your bluntness and your attitude! You are so perfect the way you are and I am so proud of you for doing this all by yourself. You are going to go so far. I love you and support every move you make.

Dear universe,
Thank you for opening my heart and my mind. Thank you for letting me be your channel. Thank you for my sweet wife and my perfect home/studio. Thank you for hot showers and for showing me how to be grateful. Thank you for opening my eyes. Thank you for helping me finally get my shit together!!!

Thank you for this glorious day. Thank you for helping me do the work. Thank you for helping me help myself. Thank you for helping me when I asked for help. Thank you for helping me out of the darkness. Thank you for another chance. Thank you for the promise of a new day. Thank you for this lump in my throat. Thank you for something to write about. Thank you for this blissful experience as a human being. Thank you for this amazing feeling.

Thank you for helping me be open to more love. Thank you for opening my heart. Thank you for helping me create my best work. Thank you for helping me enjoy my life so much. Thank you for tears of joy! Thank you for this beautiful world where there is so much perfection to focus on! Thank you for helping me see everything that's going right!

Dear Jessica,
You are doing so great. You are at your best. It's only going to get better from here. Enjoy!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.