Tuesday Tips: 7 Ways to Enjoy Life as an Artist

It's working!

Tuesday Tips: 7 Ways to Enjoy Life as an…

It's working!
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Welcome to Tuesday Tips, the weekly guide to positive thinking, doing, feeling and being. This week I am ecstatic to report that things are looking up! Last week was a big, intoxicated pity party over the death of a friendship, but this week I can see how it was a solution. Without the distractions of substances and (over-)socializing, I am now free to pursue my life as an artist.

The following is advice that I gave to myself the past week. It's nothing new. Enjoying life is always about the same thing: making the deliberate choice to do so.


1. Do all the drugs and drinking and fast-fooding and partying you can.
You'll get sick of it. You'll hate yourself. You know it's not the answer. Your mind will say, "Just try it! It will at least feel good right now!" But it will never feel as good as doing the work to feel good yourself. However, until you can say with certainty that it's not the answer, your mind will keep nagging you. Get it out, get it over with. Move on.

2. Put your butter in the pantry.
Haha I had to include this one. To me this is the most shocking advancement in my life as of late, because it goes against all of my food sanitation inclinations. But it's oh-so-spreadable! And if you eat a stick a butter in 3-4 days like we do, it won't go bad.


3. When things do go bad, try to remember to tell yourself, "Oh yeah, I'm supposed to enjoy this contrasting bit. This is the part that is creating the good things I desire."
Every single time I remind myself to enjoy the lows as much as the highs, the lows come to an end and I see how they brought me to a way brighter future than ever before. While you're feeling low and using things outside of you to feel good, at least remind yourself to enjoy it! When you're partying instead of meditating, tell yourself to enjoy it while it lasts! Say to yourself, "I embrace this moment."

4. Then just do the work!
Any negative emotion you feel is a result of lazy thinking—of letting your mind run away with negative thoughts that feel terrible. You are in control! You are the creator! All you have to do is choose better-feeling thoughts! You get the opportunity every single moment. When it's really bad, just start counting in your head. Focus only on the numbers. It will lift you up. Or try saying a little rhyme over and over: "1, 2, 3, 4, I don't care anymore." When you have emerged from the depths long enough to get a breath of air, sit down and write what you're grateful for. Keep at it. Do the work. Direct your thoughts. That's all it comes down to. You are not your mind, you are the master of your mind.

5. Visualize your dream routine.
As I come to accept my life as an artist, I am enthralled by the processes other artists use. It is so comforting to know that everyone struggles getting started. After reading the Daily Routines of Famous Writers, I want my own! I know better than to demand it come tomorrow, but I can allow it to come bit by bit.

My dream routine:
6am: Awake, write 1000 words or more. Set intentions for the day. Usually the same intentions: I intend to feel light, inspired, and in love with myself. I intend to serve the greater good.
7am: 3 mile walk.
8am: 30 minutes of meditation. Breakfast.
9am: Back to writing or image-making.
11am: Meet with Kelly about what's going well in our business.
12pm: Lunch, relaxing
1pm: Collaborative work with Kelly, on School of Life Design, The Popular Podcast, or current product.
4pm: To the springs! Or other outdoor activity. Bike riding, swimming etc. Errands. Friends.
7pm: Cook dinner.
9pm: Write. Collect exciting ideas.
10pm: Sleep.


6. Focus on the parts of your life that feel good, no matter how small.
When you're feeling low, it's very easy to forget the power of positive thinking. Take the time to focus on the positive aspects of your life and they'll start showing up again. You just have to take one step in the right direction! Make a list of 99 things you love about your day. Note every tiny thing, like a nice cashier or a cup of coffee or a hot shower. The bigger things will follow.


7. Live a life of meditation and frivolous art.
As my contrast came to a peak this past weekend, I tried to figure out what I even wanted in life. Do I want success? Fame? Money? No, I just want to enjoy each moment, to feel good from when I wake up until I go to sleep. The only way I know how to do that is by meditating in every moment—deliberately choosing my thoughts (or lack thereof), or by making art for the sole purpose of making art. I concluded that I can only continue living if I choose "A Life of Meditation and Frivolous Art". Nothing else feels good enough.

Woo! Not so bad right? Whether my advice applies to you or not, know that you are perfect just the way you are. However you are living your life is exactly the way you should be doing it. When in doubt, make a list of everything you're doing right, and more will follow. Eventually you'll come to see that you're doing everything right! You are a creator and you can create no wrong. Your life is your art and just by living you are creating a masterpiece.

What lifts you up?

Everyone goes through painful contrast and everyone has different ways of dealing with it. What techniques do you use to feel better? How do you lighten up? Let us know in the School of Life Design, where you can join over 240 conscious creators shifting paradigms and making magickal the new normal.

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Living the magick life.
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