Meditation is your answer

Meditation is your answer

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Thank you for Kelly. Thank you for Joy. Thank you for texts from my mom. Thank you for my car. Thank you for gas in my car. Thank you for snacks. Thank you for food. Thank you for Kelly. Thank you for tarot. Thank you for focus.

What should I place my attention on?
- Saying thank you
- Counting
- The spot between your eyes
- Saying I love myself
- Creating
- The flow
- Playing
- Writing

What should I do? What is my focus?
- Lifestreaming as a life design methodology
- Saying thank you
- Smiling
- Doing the work
- Giving

What can I give?
- a smile
- a thank you
- a meditation

Meditation meditation meditation meditation is your answer
Make every moment meditation
That's it and that's all

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.