Tuesday Tips: 6 Ways God’s Providing


Tuesday Tips: 6 Ways God’s Providing


Sometimes there is huge change in your life. Like, you lose your best friend and your workout routine. Because your fitness instructor is your best friend. Sometimes life is like, "Oh we needed to move that to make room for something new." And you're like, "Fuck this is so shitty." This is the Tuesday Tips for when that happens.

Kelly reminded me to focus on the version I want. Instead of focusing on what I've lost, I should focus on what I've gained. This week I've gained an insatiable desire to make art. I am incredibly time affluent so finding ways to "pass the time" is a pretty fascinating subject. When life isn't about racing to make dollars, there's a lot more flexibility in how you spend your days.

If you had a million dollars, what would you do differently today? I already work for myself, making my meditations (because they help me feel better) and working on JessicaMullen.com. It's been my passion since before I thought about it as a money-maker. It's my idea platform. I know I have good ideas. I may not shove them in your face but I will make them as available and searchable as possible.

I've been living my life like a millionaire. I see my friends. I cook. I cuddle with my partner (something there was notably less time for when "working"). I play with my cats! I know their patterns again. I feel like we're pals again.

I make art. After all the drugs, sex, booze, socializing, working out, eating, sleeping, watching TV pleasure acts pass, I make art. I wake up in the morning feeling like if I don't create, I will certainly have nothing left to live for.

But it's a clean "nothing left to live for". It tells me that I have art to make! I have the flow to listen to! I have messages coming through my fingers that I don't even have to think about! They just come! They are banging the door before I get out of bed, begging me to let them out.

I am at peace. That $5000 check paid all our bills for this month, and will pay next month's rent. We'll have to make money next month if nothing comes up.

But last month it worked out fine. I panicked, wrote my Coming Out Story, and then god provided. The money showed up. Life took care of me, paid my rent, and in a few cases, paid more than my minimum balance.

When I didn't know what to do, life stepped in and helped. It felt scary living in that "trust the flow" place, where it's trust the flow or nothing, but the adrenaline rush was worth it. I'm here for the ride!

Here are some tips about enjoying the ride. Thanks for living the magick life with me my friends.


1. Hang out with your friends.
They'll lift you back up and help you take things less seriously. There are people who would love to stick around in your life. They're riding the ride with you.

2. Accept the gifts in front of you.
You probably have a lot of people offering you nice things like alcohol, drugs, rock shows and girls while you wait in line. Just take them and say thank you instead of judging yourself for not being the upright citizen you were for about 2 seconds while trying to impress some girl.


3. Forget all your mantras.
Make art instead. Go mad and turn every moment of your life into a performance piece. Thinking is not a good idea right now.


4. Feel the flow.
When you're in the low point, realize that it feels just as good as the peak. It's just as funny. Just make a joke about it. It's funny. Be a character in a movie and feel excited there's a next scene. That moment right before the rollercoaster drops is probably the most excruciatingly awesome.


5. Keep up that meditation practice!
Aside from making art, it's the only thing that will help you. Do chakra visualizations or say "ram" over and over. Follow your breath or count to 900. Whatever technique sounds fun today, go with it. Stick to your practice and you'll keep your cool.

6. Tell your best friend you love her.
Live regret-free!

Are you living the magick life?

Can you hear the flow too? Are you part of the paradigm shit we're creating together? Do you know you already know everything there is to know?

Well then let's hang out in the School of Life Design and talk about how awesome this trip is! Aliens unite! What's been going right in your life?

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Kiriko

    “When you’re in the low point, realize that it feels just as good as the peak.” Right on! I’m reminded of the scene in The Man Who Loved Women where the guy asks the little girl who’s crying, “Don’t you enjoy crying? Just a little bit?” and she denies it but then is like, “Yes. A little bit.”

    What’s going right– my blog, my boyfriend, health improvements, reading amazing books, Songza, it’s sunny out, I have a pink-leafed plant on my desk.

    Great post Jessica!

  • jessica mullen

    Thanks Kiriko!!

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