I took a poster off my wall and rode it like a magick carpet to the stars.

I made a ladder out of notebook pages and climbed down the rabbit hole.

I slipped, but really I jumped on purpose. I found a Firewire cable to swing from.

I saw a boring pattern that ignited my anger, so I flung that wet towel in a spiral to paint the walls.

I ran out of my organization system so I stopped organizing. Life sent a search party while I slept.

I went wild in a day, it couldn't have happened any quicker.

From the top of my head sprouted feathers coated in time-release fantasy.

My boredom and frustration blossomed into beautiful destruction.

I'M KILLING IT. From now on everything is a surprise. There is no plan.

The old patterns started breaking up crumpling ripping tearing soggy disintegration. Thank god.


Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.

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