Go Forth & Create!

Go Forth & Create!


Good morning!
Grateful to be awake and alive! Grateful for a new day! Grateful to feel good! Grateful for my wife and for my kitties. Grateful for my home and my health.

Grateful to know what I want. Grateful for new beginnings. Grateful for my friends. Grateful it's all unfolding perfectly for me. Grateful to trust the flow of life.

Grateful I know this is all an illusion and there's nothing to be afraid of. Grateful to feel rested. Grateful for vivid dreams about Pwny and creating.

Grateful for my freedom. Grateful for my time affluence. Grateful to be easy on myself. Grateful I know it's all going to work out.

Grateful to be at ease. Grateful for a fresh start. Grateful to know what I want!

Grateful to be excited about hooping. Grateful I can feel my energy shifting. Grateful to feel inspired and enthusiastic.

Grateful for good dreams. Grateful for my wife. Grateful for mantras that work. Grateful for my phone.

Grateful to be an artist. Grateful god provides. Grateful to trust the flow. Grateful to be fearless. Grateful the better it gets the better it gets.

Grateful to feel a new wave building. Grateful to be focused. Grateful I know it's all unfolding perfectly.

Today I intend to focus. Today I intend to feel good no matter what. Today I intend to let go. Today I intend to let it come to me. Today I intend to feel good about myself. Today I intend to create my best work.

I'm allowing this to be the best day of my life. I'm allowing myself to feel good. I'm allowing myself to level up. I'm allowing myself to trust. I'm allowing myself to have and be fun!

Dear Jessica,
Relax and be at ease. This day was created for you. This moment was created for you. Let yourself enjoy your creation. Bask in your reality. Enjoy it.

Play the part of a skinny millionaire. Play the part of someone who enjoys life. Play the part of an inspired genius. Play the part of the person you want to be. Go forth and create! I love you so much!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.