Preparing the soil: 5 Questions & Answers inspired by @heymysticmamma

Preparing the soil: 5 Questions & Answers inspired by…


Organize and be patient! Celebrate the eclipse with these questions from

1. "Do you honor the talents you have? Do you know what values stand at the center of your life? Know what you value in this precious life we have, because why build something you don’t value? Plant the seed of that new desire during this potent New Moon." What are your talents, and how do you honor them? What do you value in your life?

My talents:

  • I am boundlessly creative. My specialties are image-making, writing, designing information, making websites, asking questions, "making do", photography, and attracting good ideas. I always win coloring contests. I can draw. I see visions of solutions.
  • I am patient. I don't mind waiting. I can sit still. I meditate. I let it come to me.
  • I am positive! I have a good attitude. I see the best in people. I know things will work out. I am playful, silly and cheerful and love to laugh and smile.
  • I am understanding. I can click with anyone, one-on-one. I see through everyone. I am aware of my connection to everyone. I can read people and communicate telepathically.
  • I am magickal. I cast spells and they work. I always get what I want.

My values:

  • Freedom. Being my own boss. Free time. Executing my own ideas. Following my bliss.
  • Peace. Being at ease, in the flow, relaxed. Vacation-mindset. Abundance-mindset.
  • Love. Supportive relationships. Kindness. "Nothing else matters because we have each other."
  • Risk-taking. Going against the norm. Questioning. Shock. Change. Leveling-up. Jumping off cliffs. Madness.
  • Openness. Being vulnerable. Accepting myself. Self-love. Embracing darkness. Open-mindedness.
  • Inspiration. Creating. Making. Letting the flow through.
  • Service. Learning how I can help. Lighting you up. Teaching. Sharing what I know.

2. "The time is ripe for you to remove obstacles in your path which prevent abundance from flowing in." What obstacles are you removing?

  • The struggle to achieve. The struggle for success. The struggle to make something of myself. To make my parents proud. To externally show my value. Instead I can focus on my intrinsic, internal value. I intend to act with myself as I would with a friend.
  • Trying to please others. I can only "do me". I intend to release awareness of others' thoughts and follow my internal guidance system.
  • Using external things (alcohol, drugs, exercise, people) as my reason for feeling good. I intend to be my reason for feeling good.
  • Judgement. Judging myself for being inadequate, too much, wrong, lazy, wishy-washy, or unmotivated. Judging my body, my work, my fitness, my health, my reactions, my thoughts. Judging others for judging me. Judging others for being different from me. Judging others for being materialistic, shallow, superficial, mean, or stupid. I intend to make peace with what is, to love everyone the same, and to treat everyone including myself with kindness and understanding.

3. "Taurus is an earth sign, fixed mode of expression. This symbolizes the perfect timing to be a 'builder of beauty and form.' It is also possible to use this bright fresh energy to speak your truth with love and strength." What beauty and form are you building? What is your truth?

I am building a new digital me! I am allowing god to use me to create work that serves the greater good. I am allowing inspiration to flow, and I am meeting it halfway.

My truth is LAUGHTER. My truth is FUN and PLAY. My truth is TRUST. My truth is WILD.

4. What's beautiful about you, and how do you share it?
My vision is beautiful. My perspective is beautiful. I let it all hang out on my website, as much as I possibly can. I intend to share my vision face-to-face more.

5. "Be bold and generous in your letting go!" What are you letting go?
Everything but right now.

Dear Jessica,
This is your best work. You are doing so great. Keep up the good work! This is the right time and the right place for this. You are on the verge. You are at your tipping point. You are becoming. You are allowing. You are receiving. You are feeling good! You are the luckiest girl in the world! You ARE the world!

Take this day by the horns and RUN! I love you so much!


I allow visions of solutions come to me
Playfully casting spells
I nosedive perfectly into madness
And resurface, offering the love I find within

I love and accept all of my Now
distilling it into laughter

Trust me. I see with my eyes closed.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.