Tuesday Tips: 2 Easy Ways to Feel Good About Yourself

Ribbon Dancers

Tuesday Tips: 2 Easy Ways to Feel Good About…

Ribbon Dancers
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1. Genuinely appreciate and compliment someone else

This morning, Allyssa Milán tweeted, "By the beard of Zeus, I am sooooo happy @evernote exists! I am flippin' out.. #soawesome" I immediately replied, "your enthusiasm about life is my favorite." She wrote back again, "I was recently told I'm a kid in a candy store when it comes to my perspective on life. I love that metaphor :)"

I haven't really been too enthusiastic about my own life lately, but when I see Allyssa's tweets, I'm too overcome with love to be jealous. After our little interaction, I went about my day.

I've been feeling a little aimless, to the point that I actually looked up jobs available at UT. I'm most qualified for graphic design and web development positions, which would very comfortably pay my rent. Then I snapped. The realization occurred to me suddenly, "I CAN NEVER MAKE ANOTHER WEBSITE FOR ANOTHER PERSON UNTIL I GIVE MY ALL TO MY OWN!"

Bam. Enthusiasm, acquired. Target, locked in. Focus, achieved. All from a tiny bit of appreciating someone else.

2. Repeat after me! "I feel good about myself!"

Yesterday I felt shitty. My foot's been injured, I haven't been working out, and I've been judging myself for my sleeping and eating habits. As Kelly and I meditated, I felt like a washed-up celebrity, thinking "I just want to feel good about myself again!"

We went for a walk, and I remembered that I don't have to have specific ideas that make me feel good about myself. I can just try to "go general," by practicing feeling the way I want to feel. When I feel the way I want to feel, the good ideas always come.

So I repeated in my head, over and over, "I feel good about myself!" By the time we arrived at our destination, I was feeling giddy and overall good. I kept the mantra up all last night and this morning, and now I'm attracting actual REASONS to feel good about myself!

How do you feel good about yourself?

Let us know in the School of Life Design group on Facebook! xo

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