I love cooking.

I love cooking.

i love cooking

I love cooking.

I love finding a recipe that sounds good. I love feeling the challenge of a new recipe. I love being really good at cooking because I never stress out about it. I love all the mistakes I have made and how many funny situations came from cooking. I love that I always have enough time to cook. I love having an abundance of free time.

I love the satisfaction of knowing how to make things well. I love that I'm so experienced with cooking. I love that I've cooked carnivore, vegetarian, vegan and raw. I love that I am becoming more flexible. I love buying the exact perfect amount of ingredients for a recipe.

I love how I have zero resistance to cooking so I rarely mess it up, and if I do I can always see that it's immediately a solution, bringing me what I actually wanted instead.

I love the kitchen appliances we have kept with us and the ones we decided we don't need. I love having a simple collection of dishes. I love not having to worry about raw egg and meat in my kitchen. I love that Kelly helps so much with the cooking. I love how she initiates cooking a lot of meals.

I love trying to make different ethnic foods and then becoming good making them. I love when complicated meals like sushi or Ethiopian become simple when I actually make them.

I love how cooking passes the time in a constructive way. I love how cooking teaches me patience. I love how cooking is time to spend with my wife. I love saving tons of money cooking. I love that we can make english muffins, and raw vegan cheezecake, and bomb-ass macaroni and cheese, and some sort of pork stew called Sopa de Guadalajara. I love that Kelly and I remember the first meal we cooked together--spaghetti. It was also our first fight. We leveled up a lot cooking together!

I love focusing on what I love. I love that we have a blender and a dehydrator and a food processor and a coffee grinder and a hand mixer and that's about all the things that plug in our kitchen. I love using our oven. I love that I know how to fry pickles.

I love that we've fried buds before. I love being an adventurous chef. I love that we are good bakers and can make brownies and peanut butter cups. I love knowing how to cook healthy. I love being able to cook for any palette.

I love that Kelly and tried to run a food business. I love that we actually thought we would want to live in an RV and sell/educated about raw vegan food. I love that we got so enthusiastic about what we ate. I love how much we learned. I love how much we know about food now! I love how we always improve.

I love making soup when it's cold and kale salad when it's hot. I love knowing where to buy store-bought things and when to make your own. I love finding out we're out of a spice but have the ingredients to make it!

I love learning to like new foods. I love learning to cook in new ways. I love when I find new staples. I love it when I'm excited about food. I love it when I focus on eating well. I love it when I have a good attitude about food. I love it when I'm enjoying my food!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.