Sobriety, Day 1: The Magickal Rehab Workbook

Sobriety, Day 1: The Magickal Rehab Workbook

(Click the thumbnails to see my filled out worksheets from today)

So, wow. Today was hard. I didn't miss the caffeine, but when I was doing my taxes and found out I owed $1200, I started craving a drink. Kelly kindly coached me through it, rubbing my head and telling me it was a solution and all that.

I slowly came out of my funk by doing my worksheet packet! You guys, I can't even begin to tell you the relief I felt when doing these worksheets today.

Easing in

First, there's the Flower of Life Design Template. I put it as the cover because even when I don't feel like making gratitude lists, I'll still be able to bring myself to doodle. Coloring on this always reminds me that life is magick. It really opens my mind up.

Next came the Daily Planner. This one helps my mind organize my positive thoughts as well as my to do list. It's like a bridge from normal thinking to magickal thinking. It brings me relief to practice the feeling of my to do list being done, and it's where I keep all my mantras. It also reminds me to do more acts of kindness!

Telling my Life Story the way I want it to be

The third page is the Life Storyboard worksheet. It's an iteration of the Life Story worksheet, in which you tell the story of how you got something you currently want. "This is the story of how..." You tell a little story of milestones that helped you reach your goal. It helps me practice the feeling of getting something big, and it helps me picture ways it could actually happen. This one works really well! The "Storyboard" version is all the little pages flipped right-side-up so you don't have to fold and cut it to make a little book.

Today I told the story of how "being sober was the best thing I ever did." The first sign the trick was working was when "I found a way to have fun while sober around intoxicated people." What truly tipped the scales and made me believe in my own power was "meeting magickal spiritual people who gave me helpful advice and cast spells on me." The icing on the cake was "letting go of all my anger, truly seeing the trip/illusion and going with the flow harder than ever."

I wrote all that out for you so I can explain how it actually came true. First of all, everyone around me all day was sober. Second, at dinner I got to see my friends Bella and Sherwin. Six-year-old Bella was positively magickal, uplifting me with her smile and antics. And her dad Sherwin offered his full support of my "30 Day" endeavor. He was just so sweet and kind about my decision that I could have cried. I looked him in the eye and knew he understood me. It was all I wanted.

New tricks!

The fourth page is the Gathering Momentum worksheet, which is the first one I ever made and still one of my best. It has places for drawing and gratitude lists and "advice from my higher self." The best part about this one was that Kelly taught me a new trick. In the little grid drawing areas, she makes a dot in each square. Each dot she makes, she says her mantra, "I'm winning!" I tried it for each of the grids while thinking "I love myself" for each dot I made. An INCREDIBLE way to focus. And the best part? Our 9-year-old friend Janie wanted to do it too! She filled out a grid, making a dot in each box, saying to herself, "Janie rocks! Janie's awesome!"

Fuck yeah.

Building steam

Next is the unreleased "Practice the Feeling of Abundance" worksheet. In this one, you visualize giving people money, and practice feeling the way it would feel to do it. Imagining giving is just as effective at creating abundance as actually doing it.

The Daily Self Love worksheet falls after that. More grids to do mantra work or doodling in. And it really is so helpful to make a list of 10 things I love about myself!

Hitting the ball out of the park

The last page is the Universal Order Form. You place your order, pick an order number, then let go. When you see your order number, you know it's coming. This one worked for me too! The first box I placed an order for a "good free dinner." We were invited to Whole Foods after taking Janie to soccer practice, and then her dad paid for us! Not only that, but we got mad free samples and had a wonderful time with our friends.

This is why I'm sober

Getting to do this packet of worksheets every day feels like the most exciting thing to ever happen to me. It reminds me of when I was a kid and I would doodle at my desk for hours, imagining I was at a desk job doing very important work.

Doing these worksheets is the most important work I could ever do, because they uplift me and turn my life into a magick show. And I know my mood is my only work, because how I feel attracts what I think and what I experience.

In conclusion, today was hard to get through without a drink or toke, but I can already feel the silvery taste of magick behind my eyelids. And truth be told, that's all I want: to live the magick life.

Want to play too?

Having an organized packet of worksheets is about 1000 times better than having random printed worksheets all over my desk. I feel super focused and "with it." And I felt such a thrill of accomplishment when I completed all 7. I may have had sloppy-as-hell handwriting, but goddamn it they WORKED!

If you'd like to buy the 7-page PDF workbook to print for yourself for $10, click below. We can live the magick life together! Try it, I know you'll love it!

Be sure to click "Return to jessica mullen design" after you pay to start downloading your PDF. Also, it helps to select "Scale to fit page" when printing page 1. xo!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • facebook_kellycree

    next time i should let you scan mine too.

  • facebook_kellycree

    also, from this point forward you can call me facebook kelly cree. wtf?

  • Annie

    You’re doing bloody brilliant, lovely. It’s scary shit, this facing up to things. But kudos to you for doing it. We’re all behind you, 100%.

  • jessica mullen

    Thank you Annie! THANK YOU!

  • Jesslyn Littlepage Ostrokol

    Jessica, you are a constant inspiration. Thank you so much for the magick you are making in this world.
    I too am trying to sober up and decaffeinate (in preparation for pregnancy) and am finding it more difficult than I expected. In fact, I have been drinking more since I tried to stop than I was beforehand. I just bought your 7-page workbook and am eager to print it out and start creating.
    I’m happy to say that I just paid off my credit card debt (but I clearly remember the cycle of fear and doubt that kept me there for so long). Consumer Credit Counseling Services (they are awesome and never made me feel embarassed or afraid) and Covance (or PPD in Austin) are great for people in need of money help. CCCS can get you on a debt management plan and make a huge problem seem tackle-able. Covance and PPD are both medical research facilities where you can make a lot of money while being confined (which means automatically no alcohol, etc., plus plenty of time to meditate and do worksheets). I just got out of a 18-day $5000 Covance study which allowed me to pay of the rest of my credit card debt a year early. I spent my time meditating, manifesting, writing, and reading Law of Attraction books and inspirational websites (yours!).
    I wish you the happiest, smoothest transition to your desired habits. You are definitely not alone. <3

  • jessica mullen

    Jesslyn, thank you so much for the Covance and PPD ideas! That sounds pretty fun, I am so inspired by you! And thank you for the Consumer Credit Counseling Services idea too. I am so grateful to be attracting solutions! I’ll let you know how it all works out… <3

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