Tuesday Tips: 9 Nuggets to Nix Negativity

Ask and it is given

Tuesday Tips: 9 Nuggets to Nix Negativity

Ask and it is given
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Welcome to Tuesday Tips, the ultimate positive thinking resource. This week I'm keeping it simple. The synopsis? Say yes, take risks, you're already awesome, the money's on the way, stop thinking, give joy, say I love you, and meditate to find all the answers. Easy!


1. Say yes.
Saying yes has never not worked out in my favor.

2. Take risks.
"If you win, you will be happy; if you lose, you will learn to be wise." ~ Ryan Plesko

3. Say you're awesome and you'll do something awesome.
My 9-year-old friend Janie was going around declaring "I'm awesome!" "Heck yeah you are!" I agreed with her. A few minutes later she organized an enormous DVD collection and cleared out a cubby for me to use as a desk when I'm at her house. It was truly awesome. Not only that, but a couple days earlier her mom had expressed her desire of having her DVD collection organized. Everyone got something they wanted, and Janie continues to be awesome.


4. Think of money as a girl.
If you're good at relationships, you can apply what you know to money. Don't chase it! Let it come to you!

5. Change your perspective on wealth.
"Wealth consists not in having great possessions, but in having few wants." ~ Epictetus

6. If you can't think something nice, don't think anything at all.
Count in your head, meditate, or go to sleep.


7. Make your mission to GIVE joy.
Brian Johnson advises, "Imagine a life in which we seek to GIVE joy. A life in which we enter relationships to GIVE joy. A life in which we work to GIVE joy."

8. Just say I love you.
Even if it's just in your head. Say it to everything! It'll kill you to do it to the stuff you don't like, but if you can love what you don't like, nothing can ever hurt you! And say I love you to all the unsung heroes in your reality: your dashboard widgets, your floorboards, your printer, your bed. The texture of your walls, the used napkin from lunch, your cat purring. All of it wants love, and you have an infinite supply.


9. Meditate, then ask your creative self for a solution.
Jon Ray reminded me of this one. David Lynch does this too. Quiet your mind and ask for the solution to come to you. As soon as you relax, it'll be right in front of you.

What's got you fired up?

Post what tips work for you in the School of Life Design. What have you learned this week? What epiphanies have you had? What keeps you smiling? We'd love to hear your story.

Jessica Mullen
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