Everything’s Working Out!

Life loves you.

Everything’s Working Out!

Life loves you.
Art by Kelly Cree

Sharing my financial story this weekend helped me let go of a lot of negative emotions. And it also helped me practice the feeling of relief. Once I opened up and stopped hiding from my fears (what would they think of me if they knew?!), solutions started falling into place.

I'm writing now to tell you how everything is working itself out. I have never been more excited to be alive, and I have my contrast to thank!

Since releasing my fears and beginning to look for evidence of what I want ("I have plenty! I already have everything I need! It's working! Life is taking care of me! I live the magick life!"), I've found countless examples of life conspiring to help me:

  • I finally received notice that the $5000 check I'm waiting on is being processed today!
  • Dozens of people extended their kindness and support after reading my posts. My close friends offered to help me in any way they could. I have never felt more loved.
  • I found $137 in a PayPal account I haven't checked in a while!
  • Kelly had $8 in her PayPal account!
  • We found some gift certificates we can put on eBay!
  • I sold $40 worth of Astrojax and got a $10 donation!
  • My friends fed me for lunch today!
  • Our friend invited us over to share a bottle of wine last night!
  • We've meditated every day since last Sunday!
  • I found penny on the ground!
  • I saw a brand new Tesla driving next to me. It was so new the guy was still peeling cellophane off his visor mirror!
  • I received SO much positive feedback on my Daily Meditations!

When I decide to look for evidence of what I want, it always comes. I have to make the decision in every moment, but all it takes is practice.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • sara

    Your story has helped me let go of a lot of my fears & insecurities as well! I’ve been dealing with a lot of financial issues which I realize are just self worth issues hiding behind money. It feels really really good to see that we’re all in messy places of our own & that everything is going to be alright! & it has been so inspiring to see someone be both so brave & so vulnerable at the same time. You’re so wonderful & i KNOW that everything will continue to work out! I’m so excited to know that it already is!!!!

  • Rebecca

    Your posts came at a time when I too faced the financial rock bottom and realized that hiding stuff from ourselves and our friends isn’t the most fruitful thing we can do.

    Realizing an error on my part made a bad situation worse left me feeling panicky and on the edge but in sharing that information helped to get through the short term emergency. Keeping the shame bottled up would not have solved the problem but being willing to share the information and myself allowed those that can to help me.

    Which let the panic and fear go… because the emergency was taken care of and now I can be strong and insightful as I make permanent fixes to temporary problems.

    Your posts this week were instrumental in helping me face my own demons (very similar to yours!) and begin finding the strength to move forward in strength.

    Thank you for being so strong while being afraid… it’s helping more and more of us find that strength.

  • jessica mullen

    You guys, your replies help me more than you could ever know. Thank you for encouraging me and giving me strength.

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