Meet the Solution to Your Problem: Kelly Cree

Meet the Solution to Your Problem: Kelly Cree

Kelly and Jessica

Did you know Kelly Cree writes most of the content for Kelly is my wife, my partner-in-design, and my oracle. Ever since we started down our journey of positive thinking over three years ago, she has been able to answer every question I've had about spirituality, the law of attraction, and the true nature of reality.

Every time I have contrast, she asks me the same question: "Are you the creator?" Yes. I create my own reality. Like it or not, each of us is in complete control of our life experience.

We have a running joke. I say, "I'm so grateful you tell me all the answers so I can make money off them on my site." To which she replies, "I'm so grateful I have you to write it all down so I don't have to do any work!"

So today we're announcing the biggest news we've had in a long time: Kelly is going to start doing PHONE CALL CONSULTING. You can call her a life coach, a wizard, or your new best friend, but the point is this: she has the answer you've been searching for.

All it takes to get what you want in life is to believe that it's already yours. You know how sometimes you just know that you're going to get something? You can train yourself to feel that way about anything you want.

Kelly can help you believe. Any question you have, she can answer. She helps me access nearly every solution I share with you on this site, and she does it calmly, intelligently and with a big dose of humor.

How it works

1. You prepay for your phone call. You can buy 10 minutes, 30 minutes, or a whole hour.
2. Leave your question in the provided field on Paypal.
3. As soon as we get notification of your purchase, we email you to schedule the call (usually we'll write you back the same day).
4. Kelly calls you, you ask your question(s), she gives you the solution, and everyone's life gets better!


If Kelly doesn't answer your question to your satisfaction, we'll give you a full refund! So what are you waiting for? Get ready to feel sweet relief!

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Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Ariane

    Is Skype an international option? :>

  • jessica mullen

    Ariane, ABSOLUTELY! :D

  • David Stanley

    Goddesses. I am looking for someone to provide your service to my members. I like your work and would like to discuss a possible synergetic relationship. As in posting daily spiritual affirmations on my site in exchange for advertising your services. I currently have about 500 hits a day with an average time spent on the site of 5 minutes. Blessings. David.

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