Allowing a Clear Strong Signal, or, How to Come to Terms with Your Own Divinity

Allowing a Clear Strong Signal, or, How to Come…

Clear Strong Signal
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This is a guest post by Kelly Cree!

I'm tempted to begin this by saying it's hard for me too, but that would negate the premise of this message. If I say it's a challenge to make the choice—in every moment&madash;to look for what I want, that becomes my experience. When I say I know it's getting easier every day to come to terms with my own power, that becomes my experience.

Allowing a clear, strong signal means making the choice—in every moment— to trust the flow to flow through me. Allowing a clear, strong signal means knowing I am the one and only creator of my life experience. It means knowing everything I see enacted in this simulation called life is an indicator of the signal I send as a vibrational being. I am not skin and bones. I am energy just like everything else, and the energetic wave I project is the same one that I see reflected.

Allowing a clear, strong signal means taking responsibility, because I know manifestations can only ever be a reflection of my own beliefs and expectations. Every single thing that happens in my life is the echo of the song I sing. The perfect song innately emanates from my core. I don't have to sing the song, the song sings itself. The only thing that could ever mute my perfect tune is my own disbelief in it's existence.

If you are reading this, you probably already understand your own power. You have experience consciously creating the life you want, but you want more. You want to know how to take it to the next level. That is what this recording is about. The more resolute your signal, the more potent your manifestations. Every time you send the signal of, "Yes! Life is working out for me," you gain momentum. The only thing that could ever stop that momentum is a belief to the contrary. When you get in the habit of sending the clear, strong singal of yes in every moment, nothing negates it, and your momentum is unstoppable.

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