Gratitude and the Case of the Purple Pony Soap

purple pony

Gratitude and the Case of the Purple Pony Soap

purple pony
Image courtesy of Adam Evans & Bigib Designs

Kelly and I use Irish Spring body wash in a bottle. We go through it kinda fast, and we're about to run out. You know it's time when you have to turn the bottle over...

Rewind a couple weeks, to our friend Zoe's gorgeous Purple Pony 3rd birthday party. In the party favor bag were handmade, purple pony soaps. They were beautifully packaged, so precious, and Zoe had helped make them herself!

We have no soap dishes and we don't generally keep bar soap in the house. We made the sentimentally painful decision of putting them in the car to give away to friends instead of keeping them for ourselves. We're pretty minimal—we don't keep a lot of objects in our home. We give away anything we don't use.

Fast forward back to last night, when Kelly and I are showering together. I squeeze the Irish Spring, saying, "We really need to go to the store tomorrow."

Having the sudden realization that the universe had been trying to give us soap for weeks made the next thing out my mouth be, "Or we could just go shopping for soap in our car."

The universe is constantly trying to give me gifts in every moment. "What, you don't want adorable, glittery, purple pony soaps?! Really?! I thought I had you pegged," says the universe.

Realizing we already had soap and we're trying to pickily give it away made me feel so ungrateful—and gave me a sudden understanding about how every moment really is a gift from the universe.

We actually are given everything we need. We just need to slow down and say "I have soap!" more instead of "We're running out of soap." The universe loves us so much!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • novaa

    You’re so right! When you tune in and look at your life through the lens of what you’ve been given, you realize you already have everything you want! This happened to me with shampoo. I was all “omg I need my fancy ‘poo” and Jeff found an unopened bottle of my favorite-smelling Dove shampoo in the cupboard. I had known it was there but wanted my FANCY ‘poo. I was illin. Once I realized that, I felt discord– the universe was saying “the fuck? I thought…” Now, when I’m feeling need, I play the game you’ve talked about in your Tuesday Tips. When I feel need or want, I start with what I have. “I want fancy ‘poo” turns to “I found free ‘poo in the cupboards!” Life is good, we just have to pay attention.


  • jessica mullen

    Thank you so much for the example!!! Paying attention… that’s life’s whole lesson isn’t it? I feel like I’ve gotten much better at being present in every moment… but holy hell there are so many moments!! It does get easier though… ;]

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