Tuesday Tips: 8 Ways to Make Today Gr8

Art by Janie Waller & Jessica Mullen

Tuesday Tips: 8 Ways to Make Today Gr8

Art by Janie Waller & Jessica Mullen
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Welcome to Tuesday Tips, the juiciest collection of positive thoughts in the galaxy. This week the tips are focused on paying attention to the abundance you already have, and feeling the way you want to feel right now. To sum it all up: notice all the good stuff going on now, and feel as if you have all the good stuff you want. All you have is now, and right now is pretty effing good. Look around at all you have and celebrate! It's all here for you!


1. Set intentions all day every day.
Kelly always blows my mind with this one. She'll wake up totally chipper after a long night with very little sleep, and I ask how she does it. She says she just sets an intention the night before to wake up feeling good, and it always works.


3. Try this mantra: "In this moment, I am in acceptance of all my life - its challenges and its joys. I am blessed."
Think you'll be happier "if only" you could have that one thing? Tommy Rosen suggests using this mantra to escape the pattern of thinking you'll be happier in the future by deciding to be happy right now.

4. Think about what you have instead of what you don't.
You can bring more abundance into your life by focusing on things you already have. Instead of thinking "I don't have enough time," think "I have an exciting life." Or instead of "I don't have enough money" try "I have the rent paid and food in the fridge." I used to wake up feeling dread because of all the things I wanted but didn't have, but now I wake up thinking "I have..." and fill in the blank over and over. This morning I found a dirty spoon in the sink and instead of thinking "I don't have a clean kitchen," I thought, "I have a spoon!" which made me feel ridiculously giddy!

5. Count through the pain.
I post about this tip all the time, but here is someone else's experience with counting:

I was thinking about this sort of 'everyday meditation' recently during a really long tattoo session. It was on a very sensitive area and by hour 5 the pain was crazy, but it was also combined with the boredom of lying on a bench motionless for that long. But, it was the absolute perfect environment to meditate.. Nothing else distracting me except the pain, and then I had the choice to feel the full extent of the pain, or, do consciousness experiments to see the best way to 'let go of my body'. To be honest I've tried counting before with moderate interest, but this time it was PERFECT. I counted for hours, following the stream. It became almost like a lucid dream, that half-awake half-asleep stage where you just surrender. The pain subsided dramatically. ~ Ariane


6. Say I love you.
I often talk about saying I love you in my daily meditations, and here is JeredtheShy's experience with the practice:

So I've been using these lessons. I'm on the job saying ridiculous things to myself. "I love you, these dishes. I love you, obnoxious coworker." And so on. It WORKS. I spent a couple weeks saying "I love you" to basically everything that sucked, and my life was better. But then, after doing it under duress, I did that to things I actually LIKED. Oh, baby, turbo happy times. ~ JeredtheShy

7. Practice the feeling.
If you can feel as if you have what you want, it's already yours. Think about what you want, then imagine yourself receiving it. Feel what it will actually feel like to receive it. Anytime you think of the desire again, just remember that feeling. That feeling is how you send a clear, strong signal attracting what you want.


8. Make your goal to enjoy being.
If you can learn to just enjoy the fact that you're alive, nothing will ever phase you. Look around... we live in a miracle! No matter what happens, you're still breathing. And that's the only thing you need to enjoy life.

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Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • kiriko

    Totally into the “meditate through the pain” concept. Some of my deepest, most educational meditations happened when say, I was experiencing killer low back pain or a monstrous headache. It’s amazing to realize that pain, pleasure, and emotions are physical sensations, and it’s possible to train your mind to observe them with equal weight.

  • jessica mullen

    Meditation has been completely saving my life the past couple days. It’s amazing how easy it is to remember who we are when we just sit still and quiet the mind.

    Oh, the mind. What a cute beast.

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