Tuesday Tips, Birthday Edition: 10 Things to Love About Jessica (And Yourself!)

Tuesday Tips, Birthday Edition: 10 Things to Love About…

Happy Birthday Jessica!
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Welcome to Tuesday Tips, a weekly collection of thoughts that feel good to think. Today is the most special of Tuesday Tips, because it's MY BIRTHDAY! I am using this edition to thank and honor myself for walking the walk, and to give myself the only gift I want: self-love!


1. "When you want to quit, that's when it's most meaningful."
Kristy said this to our RPM class the other day. Dear Jessica, thank you for never giving up! Your dedication to doing the work you know you were born to do is inspiring. Even though you often want to throw in the towel and never think another positive thought ever again, you persevere. You always keep going.


2. Count to 10,000 a day.
Philip Rosedale, creator of Second Life, counts to 10,000 every day as part of his meditation practice. Dear Jessica, thank you for taking the time to learn new ways to release resistance and enjoy life. Your experience with silent counting has given you access to the deep ocean of peace within you, and helps you control your anger. Your reality thanks you!

3. Pre-pave.
Don't wait until you're in a contrasting moment to decide what you want. Before entering any new scene, take a moment to declare what you want to get out of the situation. You can't get what you want if you don't know what it is. Dear Jessica, thank you for taking time each day to set intentions and ponder what you want. Your deliberate creation makes for a more joyful life experience for you and everyone who comes in contact with you. Your desires are flowing to you more easily than ever.


4. Raise other people's vibration.
Eirini has a mission: to make people feel good! Uplifting others always feels good, and in turn they will uplift you. Dear Jessica, thank you for doing everything you do to share your journey. Your openness and your positive thoughts do a world of wonder for all the lives you touch. Your School of Life Design group is a beautiful example of people uplifting each other.

5. Don't be bored!
There's an awesome article on the Happiness Project about ways to combat boredom. My favorite one is to add "meditation" to every boring activity. The dish-washing meditation. The exercise meditation. The commute meditation. Dear Jessica, thank you for always making the best of mundane activities. You never get frustrated waiting in line. Your patience is as deep as the ocean.

6. Let go of your fear.
Ernest Holmes says, "Fear brings failure; faith brings success. It’s just that simple." Since fear is just excitement with the brakes on, try using this mantra: "I'm so excited!" Dear Jessica, thank you for being brave and always facing your fears. You are a risk-taker to the core, and you always reap great rewards in exchange.

7. Try this mantra "I'm the shit!"
An alternative version I heard from my friend Baby Badger is "I accept myself unconditionally right now." Dear Jessica, every day your confidence grows more and more. Your efforts to be your reason for feeling good are paying off. You are the best version of yourself you can be. You are perfect in every way, and you're doing everything right. Plus, you're a badass life designer on the leading edge of thought. You ARE the shit.


8. Use Twitter to let go.
I love this tweet from KristyDiann: "Time to let it go to the #universe. #release #breathe #thiswillpass" Dear Jessica, you are becoming a pro at letting go. You're attracting solutions from others and getting better and better at the game. Your creative methods make learning to live in the flow exciting.

9. Breathe for affluence.
Satya Colombo's method for increasing affluence in his life is a simple breathing exercise. How much more time would you devote to your breath if you knew it would create wealth and health? Dear Jessica, over the past year you have become aware of your breath and have noticed significant benefits from deep breathing. Keep up the good work! Breath is the simplest tool you have to work with, and it will always help you. The more you breathe, the more you see affluence in every area of your life.

10. Try this mantra: "I'm here."
You already know being present is pretty much the key to everything. When you're present, there is no pain. When you're present, you get to experience the miracle of life without judging it. Saying "I'm here" to yourself can snap you back into the moment, where all of your power lies. Dear Jessica, every day you become more and more powerful because you are in the Now more and more. All of your efforts, techniques and trials add up to increasing awareness with each passing minute. You are all that you can be, right now. You are perfect as you are, right now. You are in the right place at the right time. You're here. And we're all so happy you are!

Wish Jessica Happy Birthday in the School of Life Design group!

Every week I post a link to the tips in the SoLD group so we can talk about what methods work best. What tips did you like this week? How have you already been practicing them? Leave a comment on this thread. Give yourself a pat on the back for coming so far. And give yourself the gift of self-love today and let us know all the ways you're already winning. Thanks for playing <3

Jessica Mullen
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  • Ariane

    First of all – HAVE A FABULOUS BIRTHDAY!!!!!

    Secondly, Number 5 rules. I was thinking about this sort of ‘everyday meditation’ recently during a really long tattoo session. It was on a very sensitive area and by hour 5 the pain was crazy, but it was also combined with the boredom of lying on a bench motionless for that long. But, it was the absolute perfect environment to meditate.. Nothing else distracting me except the pain, and then I had the choice to feel the full extent of the pain, or, do consciousness experiments to see the best way to ‘let go of my body’. To be honest I’ve tried counting before with moderate interest, but this time it was PERFECT. I counted for hours, following the stream. It became almost like a lucid dream, that half-awake half-asleep stage where you just surrender. The pain subsided dramatically.

    Just thought I’d share. x

  • jessica mullen

    What a great story! Thank you so much for sharing. I find counting works really well with hangovers too! <3

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