Tuesday Tips: 14 Ways to Polish Your Superpowers

Yes yes yes thank you thank you thank you

Tuesday Tips: 14 Ways to Polish Your Superpowers

Yes yes yes thank you thank you thank you
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Welcome to Tuesday Tips, a weekly collection of ways to practice positive thinking. This week the tips challenge you to advance your life design practice to new levels. Learn how to channel with automatic writing, why positive thought is better than no thought at all, and how to send a clear strong signal that will reflect back to you the experiences you desire.


1. Get your PayPal account sitting right!
Expecting a huge increase in your PayPal sales? Sometimes your account can get frozen when you make more money than usual. Read this post for suggestions on how to deal with your increase in abundance and keep your assets liquid!

2. Try automatic writing.
Jon Ray posted a fantastic article on his experiment with automatic writing. Ask yourself a question, then close your eyes and type whatever comes to mind. Eirini Haritou wrote about it too: "The answers you're looking for are inside of you!"

3. Decide what you want, then look for it.
My oracle wife gives the best advice. It really can't get any simpler.

4. Laugh!
What do you do when you feel relief? You laugh! What do you do when you come across a brilliant idea that you know will change the world? YOU LAUGH LIKE A MANIAC. I suspect there is a direct correlation between solutions and laughter, so just aim to laugh a lot and the solutions will pour right on in.

5. Step forward into growth.
Abraham Maslow says that in every moment you have the choice to step forward into growth, or back into safety. You get to make this choice thousands of times a day. By the end of your day, have you made more steps into growth, or stepped back more into safety? Make the choice to step forward into growth, no matter how scary it seems. Use your fear for fuel—it's pointing you in the right direction!


6. Chill out by picturing yourself at age 110.

You are one hundred and ten years old. A time machine has just been invented, and you are selected as one of the first people to use it. The inventor, a scientist from NASA, tells you that you will be transported back to the day when, as it happens, you first read Happier. You, with the wisdom of having lived and experienced life, have fifteen minutes to spend with your younger and less experienced self. What do you say when you meet? What advice do you give yourself? ~ Tal Ben-Shahar from Happier

7. Literally take things off your hands.
Kelly had a splinter. I wanted to help her with it. She told me not to worry about it, but I kept pushing. My friend Janie told me to let it go and "take it off my hands". She had me hold my hands up, placed hers against mine, then pulled hers away, saying "There, now it's off your hands!" The physical visualization helped me truly let go!

8. Try this mantra again: "I DON'T CARE!"
Every time I experience extreme contrast, I reach a point where I have to stop caring or I'll simply combust. Saying "I don't care!" over and over to myself any time I feel a negative emotion helps me let go SO EASILY. It's working even better than counting—meaning it helps me let go of negative thoughts quickly. Just say "I don't care" and tune out that negativity like a song you don't like.

9. Positive thought is better than no thought.
The following is a conversation between Abraham and a guest at a workshop in Washington, DC on 10/18/03 (found through TheAbeList). It answers so many questions for me.

Abraham: "No thought" is not better than pure positive thought.

Guest: I've never heard that before! WOW! Thank you... If I wanted to channel you, wouldn't I need to be a place of no thought?

Abraham: You'd need to be in a place of receptivity, but appreciation is as receptive as it gets. Love is as receptive as it gets.

What you gotta realize is that at your highest, tapped in, tuned in state, there IS thought, but it's really, really good feeling thought. So rather than trying to be thoughtless try to be good feeling in the thought, good feeling in the thought, good feeling in the thought, good feeling in the thought, good feeling in the thought! That's what you are reaching for, not thoughtless.

Thoughtlessness releases resistance and the releasing of resistance gives you relief.


10. Want something? Appreciate it, but don't care if you have it or not.
There is a sweet spot of appreciation without need, that allows what you want to flow to you. For example, I adore cars, and I love driving. I've spent all of my adult life appreciating the joys of automobile transportation. At the same time, I've always been intrigued by the idea of living a car-less lifestyle. Meaning, I would accept being car-less as a challenge and it wouldn't bother me too much to be without. The net result? I always have a great car to drive, very few problems, and generally enjoy everything about owning and maintaining a vehicle. Now... if I can only apply this concept to all the other things I want!

11. Accept love from others.
Sometimes people get weirded out when others take interest in them. For example: when people try really hard to be your friend, or if someone gives you lots of attention online. However, if you want to be a leader, you have to be ok with other people being kind of obsessed with you. You have to be ok with people REALLY liking you. Sometimes that can feel uncomfortable, and you have to ask yourself why. Do you feel you don't deserve such adoration? When people express their love for you, celebrate it! It means you're projecting a vibration of love!

12. Listen to and trust your reality instead of fighting it.
Neale Donald Walsch reminds us, "Whatever it is that is now presenting itself as part of your creation, own it, claim it, bless it, be thankful for it." Everything is trying to help you. If reality seems to be getting particularly hard, just trust that you're in the right place at the right time. Now is the time to ask yourself: do you believe in what you know? You know life is good, and that everything always works out. Take the leap of faith and stop struggling. Life is taking care of you.


13. Keep shining!
You are perfect the way you are! You don't have to change a thing! If you want to find out what superpowers you already have, create your catalog of meaning.

14. Send a clear, strong signal.
If you want life to reflect what you want, you have to be certain in the signal you're sending. Kelly says the way to do this is by repeating "It's working out. It's working out," over and over, or "Yes yes yes, thank you thank you thank you." When you repeat these thoughts to yourself and begin to feel their power, your reality begins reflecting experiences that you want to say "Yes, more please!" and "Thank you!" to.

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