Practicing the feeling (show your work)

Practicing the feeling (show your work)

Photo 2007

I want to feel drunk when I'm sober.
It feels like:
(FRIENDLY, LOVING) Very social
(FEARLESS, COURAGEOUS) Total disregard for authority
(PLAYFUL, SILLY, ENTHUSIASTIC) Being fun, looking for fun, making fun

I want my crushes to be blowing me up, declaring they love for me.
It feels like:
(LOVING) Being focused on loving
(ABUNDANT) Not needing
(EMPOWERED) Feeling like I hold the upper hand, feeling powerful
(PLAYFUL) Clandestine plans to hang out

I want to make my best work.
It feels like:
(FOCUSED) Being obsessed with creating something, not being able to sleep or eat until it's done
(KNOWING) Knowing it's a great idea because it's helping me, making me excited, making life worth living again
(CAREFREE, EXCITED) Not caring about anything but how excited I am to be the one who gets to make this work

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.