The Team Ledger Worksheet (PDF)

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The Team Ledger Worksheet (PDF)

Team Trashy Ledger

My friends and I are a team. Team Trashy, that is. I don't remember exactly how it started, but after a few wild nights and subsequently having to charge our phones in public establishments the next day, the name stuck.

After a while, we started wanting to keep track of our more amusing adventures. We decided we needed a team ledger, in which we would record our indiscretions and achievements alike. So, for our friend BB's birthday, we gave her The Ledger.

BB gave each team member a page in the book and got some pretty stickers. Each time a team member got a compliment or something for free, she got a sticker. Every time she would do a good deed or make a new friend, she got a sticker. And, if a team member did something super-silly while intoxicated, or had some bathroom mishap, she got a sticker too.


The ledger has become a fun part of our daily lives and encourages us to take note of all the good things happening. And when one of us has some sort of epic fail, we use the ledger to make light of the event and laugh it off.

The Team Ledger Worksheet

The Ledger Worksheet
Inspired by the Team Trashy ledger, Kelly and I made the Team Ledger Worksheet to help you notice what you want more of. Print out one for each of your friends and make it a weekly ritual, or make a binder of them for yourself to keep yourself focused on the good life.


Use the worksheet to focus on both compliments that you give and receive. Notice when you get free stuff, but also when you give it away! Use it as an opportunity to not only note your own new friends, but anytime anyone you know makes a new friend. And of course mark down the good deeds others do for you. Any time you place your attention on something in your reality, whether it happens to you or someone else, you encourage more of it. So appreciate the success of others to increase your own! It's pure magick.

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Make investing in the things you like about life easy and fun! This worksheet makes it easy to involve other people in your life design ventures and it makes a game out of appreciation. Everyone wins—who doesn't want to attract more compliments, free shit, friends, good deeds, winning, and learning experiences?

Click to Buy the Team Ledger Worksheet for $5

The Team Ledger Worksheet is an 8.5x11" PDF download. Pay through PayPal, then click "return to Jessica Mullen design" to complete your download. As soon as you click "return to Jessica Mullen design," you will be prompted to download the worksheet to your computer.

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