Evening #gratitude

Evening #gratitude

Photo 1992

Grateful for time to work. Grateful for time to focus. Grateful to know what's up. Grateful to know the meaning of life. Grateful to let go. Grateful to remember to breathe. Grateful to remember to count. Grateful for the concept of a 10,000 silent counting challenge.

Grateful for Kelly! Grateful for this now! Grateful to feel good in my body! Grateful to be back in the flow! Grateful life is so fun! Grateful for adventure! Grateful to feel good! Grateful for counting!

Grateful to feel so healthy and fit. Grateful to be who I am. Grateful to be creative. Grateful to feel good. Grateful to be in love. Grateful for my friends.

Grateful to be SO IN LOVE. Grateful to be patient by nature. Grateful to be aware. Grateful to be present. Grateful to have COUNTING! Grateful for the relief I feel when I remember how effective it is. Grateful for this perfect night. Grateful for a wonderful day with friends. Grateful to be so in shape! Grateful to get to work out all the time! Grateful for change!

Grateful for the perfect unfolding. Grateful for this perfect now.

Grateful I can always keep my focus. Grateful I can always keep my focus. Grateful I can always keep my focus. Grateful it's all working out for me. Grateful it's all working out. Grateful it's all working out. Grateful to be here. Grateful to trust. Grateful to feel excited. Grateful to trust the flow. Grateful to be more in alignment every day.

I intend to do me & not care about what other people think. I intend to project love and kindness and generosity. I intend to let it come to me. I intend to trust my desires. I intend to be compassionate. I intend to smile and play. I intend to appreciate and love. I intend to let go, and let go, and let go, and keep letting go, and let go some more, and let go, and let go.

I intend to appreciate how amazing silent counting is.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.