Universal Order Form (New Worksheet PDF)

Universal Order Form

Universal Order Form (New Worksheet PDF)

Universal Order Form

Recently I came across an article about creativity rituals. What do you do to start your mind down the creative path? Do you make tea, go for a walk, or play a round of Euchre? I set off to make a "creativity worksheet" to get my juices flowing, but the more I worked on it, the more I realized the challenge was not to find creativity, but to allow the universe to deliver.

A "creativity ritual" worksheet was misleading, because it implied you have to take action to get inspired. But asking to feel creative is exactly the same thing as asking the universe for a cup of coffee or a brand new house. It's all the same—when you ask, the universe gives. Your only job is to receive.

It's that receiving part of "Ask and it is given" that trips a lot of us up. How do you open up to allow yourself to receive gifts from the universe? How do you get yourself to believe that the universe will actually bring it? And if you can believe it, how do you even be present enough to know when you're receiving it?

Universal Order Form

Introducing the Universal Order Form worksheet

Kelly and I took the "creativity ritual" worksheet and simplified it down into something much more effective: the Universal Order Form. It takes into account the fact that all wishes are granted and all desires are already created. Here's how it works.

1. Write down what you would like to receive.
It can be anything. The universe has no problem creating you $1,000,000 or a new pair of pants. Of course, you have to believe you'll actually receive it, so sometimes it helps to start with smaller things to build up your belief system.

2. Choose your order number.
Your number can also be anything, but I'd stick to one- and two-digit numbers at first. Once you choose your order number, start looking for your number in your daily life. Once you've seen your number (on a license plate, the clock, a math problem, anywhere!), you can rest assured knowing your order is on the way.

Why it works

This order number system is a way to trick your mind into practicing the feeling of belief that your wish is actually being granted. Say you ask for a milkshake, and you pick the number 33. An hour goes by and the next time you look at the clock, it says 4:33. A quiver of excitement goes up your spine, as you remember, "my order number is 33!" That feeling is the delicious sensation of trust in the universe, the knowing that what you want is coming and you don't have to lift a finger.

When you feel that feeling, you are sending a vibrational signal to the universe that you are ready to receive. The instant you believe it's coming, it's already on the way. That milkshake won't be far now! As long as you don't contradict that feeling with doubt, or start feeling silly for believing, it'll be yours in no time.

Use this worksheet as a game at first, to use with little desires you don't care much about. Try it with songs you want to hear on the radio, places you want to eat for dinner, things you want to pick up at the grocery store. Or use it to ask for more general feelings—ask for a satisfying day, a friendly meal, or good service.

Universal Order Form 6 up

Click to buy the Universal Order Form for $5

This tool is a very powerful device for practicing the feeling of trust. If you're ready to start allowing more of what you want into your experience, and you want to do it in a way that's fun and simple, you can pick up this sweet tool for only $5.

The Universal Order Form comes as an 8.5x11" PDF download with six order forms per page. You get the link as soon as you pay through Paypal (make sure you click "return to Jessica Mullen Design" to complete the transaction). Print as many copies as you like and don't forget to take orders for your friends too!

Click to buy the Universal Order Form for $5

Remember to click "Return to Jessica Mullen Design" after your purchase to get the download link!

Universal Order Form

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