Tuesday Tips: 14 Ways to Love Who You Already Are

Art by Kelly Cree & Jessica Mullen

Tuesday Tips: 14 Ways to Love Who You Already…

Art by Kelly Cree & Jessica Mullen
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Welcome to Tuesday Tips, the weekly guide to creating your reality. Isn't it rad that it's now common knowledge that thoughts create? The power is immense but it ain't nothing we can't handle. My friends, the time has come to jump off the cliff and grow wings on the way down. We're here to have fun, and there isn't anything that can stop me from fulfilling that purpose. This week I bring you the ideas that are helping me let go of fear, embrace change and allow well being into every corner of my life.


1. Do what terrifies you!
Last week, Kelly and I put in our two weeks notice at Under Consideration. We've had a wonderful experience, learned so much and become part of the UCllc family. But it's time for us to pursue our own work full time. We were terrified to change, but already so many doors are opening for us. When you let go, you create space for bigger and better to come in.

My teachers taught me when you breathe into fear, it becomes adventure. Adventure appeals to your sense of wonder, your inner child, and most important, your creative self. It also reminds you that you make new things happen- the world doesn't just happen to you. ~ Sonia Choquette

2. Notice synchronicities.
Sometimes your favorite song starts playing as you are creating the best work of your life. Or someone mentions a book you've been wanting to read but forgot the title of. Or you think about how much you like unicycles and then you see a unicycle parade. Whenever these little miracles happen, take note! They are an indication that you are on the right path, that you are present, and that you are in tune with the magick of the universe! The more you look for them, the more you'll see.

3. Share more of yourself.
As a lifestreamer and blogger, I'm always pushing myself to open up more and care less about what other people think about me. Shauna from NubbyTwiglet.com has some great advice on how to do it.

4. Experiment with telepathy.
Write the text, but don't send it. They'll hear you.

5. Do what is natural to you.
The Self Help Hipster wrote this brilliant article (alternatively) titled "Fuck One Size Fits All." It is the best argument for practicing life design that I've ever read! The reason it really hit home for me is because she mentioned someone who tried all sorts of diets that didn't work for her. Then she created her own, and it did work. It kind of blew my mind to think about diet like that. I know what works for me, and I've been deluding myself for years thinking someone else would have the answer for me.

6. If you're running late, don't look at the clock!
My friend's daughter Janie completely surprised me the other day in the car. We were on the way to an event, and were cutting it close on time. Janie said to her mom, "Mom don't look at what time it is, because it will only add stress on top!" I've written about this idea before, and I try to practice it every day. The less you let time control your emotions, the more time you have.


7. Adopt a vacation mindset.
Alexandra Franzen knows what's up! Go about your daily life feeling like you're on vacation and you'll never work another day in your life.

8. Allow yourself to change.
Sometimes I find myself totally dissatisfied with my life, wishing I could be this and do that and go there and see them. My first line of attack is to remember that all I have to do is make peace with what is. As soon as I'm happy where I am, the next opportunity opens right up. Of course I still want so many things, but I know that I don't have to "try" to obtain them, I can only "allow" them. So the most stress-free way I have found to welcome change into my life is to say to myself, "I'm allowing myself to change." I don't have to take any action or make painful resolutions—I only have to open up to change. When I am consciously inviting change into my life, it's a lot easier to handle—and appreciate.

9. Get more of what you want.
Catherine posted a great mantra: "I get anything I want, and good things that I never even expected before."


10. Trust you're in the right place at the right time.
Whenever you encounter a negative thought or experience, just say to yourself "Everything for a reason!" I know with every fiber of my being that everything happens the way it's supposed to, and everything always works out. So in the moment, when I'm frustrated or disappointed or scared, I remind myself that everything happens for a reason and that reason will be revealed to me in time. What is happening to me right now is a gift from the universe, which is always trying to give me what I want in every moment. Saying "everything for a reason" helps diffuse negative emotions immediately because my mind gets it.

11. Lose weight with gratitude.
Jon Ray wrote a wonderful article about blessing food. Appreciate your food, and it will return the favor by appreciating your body. Whatever you believe is true, and if you can believe that your thoughts and intentions have power, then you can transform your relationship with food by communicating with it. This works with everything of course— when you are deliberate about your intentions and present during an experience, you will receive exactly what you want from it. I particularly love the mantra he mentioned in the post, that a doctor projected on mentally ill criminals: "I love you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you."


12. Be like water.
You know Bruce Lee said it, but have you ever tried it? When I can actually catch the feeling of "being like water," I understand the concept of flow. If you're water, you follow the path of least resistance. If you're water, you go with the flow. If you're water, you adapt to whatever situation contains you. Try it when driving. Picture yourself as water. Would water pass the car in front of you, or chill out behind it? Would water make sudden movements, or flow effortlessly from lane to lane? Being like water is the same as "letting go" and "letting it unfold" because water can't really do anything, but flow. As you practice being like water, notice the amazing things life starts giving you—when you let that car pass you (because that's what water would do), a perfect miracle will be on that open road right in front of you.

13. Be the star of the Now.
This is my favorite! Building on last week's Tips (5 Ways to Star in Your Own Life), I'm enjoying thinking of myself as the star of my life in every moment. I think of myself being watched on a screen. My life is a movie, and I love watching it! Thinking of yourself as the star of "right now" allows you to shine in every moment, to take the upper hand every time, to smile, to act with kindness, and to appreciate how far you've come. Whenever I notice myself becoming clumsy because I'm rushing, I remind myself that no movie star would act like that. A star is in the moment, moving and thinking deliberately.

14. Remember who you are: god in human form.
My incredibly talented friend Caterina Suttin wrote the poem below. It reminds me of everything I know.

It's all about the intricacies
What only a fraction sees
So many hidden layers
Intertwined with passionate prayers
Years of dedication
Hard earned inspiration
Never losing focus
You got it, you know this
Even when you falter
Take a moment, build an alter
Breath, relax, let go
Release a bruised ego
Then try again you must
Even when questioning, trust
Know everything is perfect
Don't give up its worth it
In all your actions, meditate
With every thought you create
This existence
Cease resistance
Allow the flow to carry you
Evolving dreams coming true
Congratulations, look at what you've done
The celebrations have begun.

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Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
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