Dance with the flow! #gratitude

Dance with the flow! #gratitude

So grateful for a haircut. SO grateful for coffee. So grateful for my wife. So grateful to feel the flow. Grateful it's flowing. Grateful for this music. Grateful it's coming. Grateful for abundance surrounding me. Grateful for the newness. Grateful for the new level. Grateful to feel the arrow shooting forward. Grateful to feel life living me. Grateful to feel the flow. Grateful for my friends.

Grateful for hooping and working out and sunshine and perfect timing.

Grateful to feel my heart pulling me. Grateful to trust my intuition all the time. Grateful to say I love you to the contrast. Grateful to know how to look with curiosity instead of fear. Grateful to know how to do this! Grateful to be a flow rider! Grateful to be a light! Grateful to be a bridge! Grateful to be here!

I expect miracles. I expect magick. I expect perfect timing. I expect ease and flow. I expect to dance with the flow. I am dancing with the flow.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.