Tuesday Tips: 7 Questions to Sharpen Your Focus

Art by Kelly Cree & Jessica Mullen

Tuesday Tips: 7 Questions to Sharpen Your Focus

Art by Kelly Cree & Jessica Mullen
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Welcome to Tuesday Tips, the weekly guide to practicing positive thinking. In the words of Paris Hilton, "If you realized how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought." This week I have seven questions that will help direct your focus towards what you want and what feels good.


1. Name one thing you've said yes to today.
The universe is always trying to give you what you want. Say yes to the opportunities that come your way.

2. Name one thing you would do if you didn't care what other people thought.
Allow yourself to have what you want without guilt. You get to create what people think of you—if you don't think about it, they're not thinking about you.


3. What do you want?
It will come when you let it go. Can you stop thinking about it for 24 hours?

4. Name an art project that would make you feel better to create.
"The object of art is not to make salable pictures. It is to save yourself." ~ Sherwood Anderson (via Maria Popova)


5. I'm ready to feel _________.
How do you want to feel? Are you ready to feel that way? You want what you want because of the way you think it will make you feel. You can feel that way without receiving the manifestation. Can you feel it now? It might feel silly at first, but the universe can only reflect you. You feel and then you see, not the other way around. You are the creator. Project the signal you want to receive. Easiest way to feel the feeling? Stop thinking.

6. Name one time you trusted your intuition and it led you in the right direction.
Trust yourself. Then let it go.


7. What would you like to let go?
Every time you think about it, just say to yourself, "let go." Visualize the thought dropping like a ball from your mind.

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