Tuesday Tips, New Years Edition: 13 Intentions for 2013

Art by Jessica & Kelly

Tuesday Tips, New Years Edition: 13 Intentions for 2013

Art by Jessica & Kelly
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Inspired by Sara Whit­te­more's list of ways to have fun in 2013, I've created a list of intentions to guide me through the year. The main theme is to let go and trust that everything's working out. I like to think of it as instructions for the mental tightrope walk that is co-creating with god as a physical being.


1. I intend to do me.
"Doing you" is trusting the universe. It means you don't care about what anyone else thinks, because that would be worrying about how something unfolds. If you trust the universe, you trust it will unfold perfectly. Think about what you want and then trust it's coming without requiring any action or interference from you.

2. I intend to do the work.
My mood is my only work, meaning how I feel is my #1 priority. Doing the work means thinking (and taking breaks from thinking) deliberately. It means taking note of all the things that make life worth living. It means bookmarking all the times I feel good. It means focusing on what I want more of, because what I focus on expands.


3. I intend to pray.
Praying is thinking about what you want and then putting the fulfillment of that desire in the hands of a higher power. It's the "formula" of the law of attraction: ask for something, believe it's coming, receive.

4. I intend to ignore anyone’s advice/criticism/judgements unless they are genuinely happier than me.
I'm borrowing this one from Leonie Dawson. (Thanks Erin!)

5. I intend to not give a shit.
To "not give a shit" means to release emotional attachment to specific outcomes. I decide how I feel, so my external circumstances do not affect my mood. No matter what happens, I'll feel good anyway.


6. I intend to love new things.
Change is the only constant, so why not embrace it?

7. I intend to express my unconditional love for others.
The other day I found myself wanting everyone I know to express their undying love for me. Pretty much everything we want, we want it because we think it will make us feel loved. So I am projecting the signal I want to receive - in expressing my love, it's reflected back to me.

8. I intend to trust the process of life.
Trusting the process of life means saying yes to what is. I want to remember I am always in the right place at the right time, and that the universe is constantly trying to give me what I want in every moment. I want to be present enough to receive.


9. I intend to be my reason for feeling good.
If something outside of me makes me feel good (like a person, a drug, or an activity), then I am also giving that thing the power to make me feel bad. When I feel good just because I'm alive, I am whole. There is nothing lacking, no matter what my circumstances are.

10. I intend to breathe.
Slow, deep breaths are all I need to center myself and release fear. Breath is our permanent feeling-good talisman, because it's always there. If you can feel good just because you're breathing, you can feel good whenever you want.

11. I intend to be the now.
I'm always ok in the now. There is always more than enough in the now. We always have everything we need right now. My only power is in the now, and I cannot be in any time other than now. I am not only a part of the Now, I am all that is now. I am the now.

12. I intend to be an example.
Sometimes I forget that I have to "be it" to "see it." I can't sit around waiting for my reality to change to start feeling good. I have to decide to feel the way I want to feel, and then my reality will reflect that.

13. I intend to be the creator.
I am creating my reality, whether I want to be or not. I choose to create the version I want. I create the version I want by surrendering and letting go.

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Every week I post a link to the tips in the School of Life Design Facebook group. Let us know what your intentions for 2013 are on this thread. Thanks for playing!

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