Grateful for Kelly. Grateful for the power of thought. Grateful to not care. Grateful to breathe in and feel light. Grateful to breathe out and shine.

Wouldn't it be nice to have the best night ever? Wouldn't it be nice to laugh and play and have everything work out? Wouldn't it be nice to be wild and silly and fun and full of inspiration?

Wouldn't it be nice to let go and stop caring?

I pray for a wonderful night. I pray for ease and flow. I pray for the ability to express love. I pray to be kind and compassionate. I pray for joy and excitement.

I love it when everything works out. I love it when life is easy. I love being in control of my vibration. I love not caring. I love being practiced. I love celebrating. I love when I pay attention. I love when I let it come to me. I love when I feel energized and invigorated. I love it when I get to spend time with my kitties. I love it when I go with the flow. I love it when I attract solutions. I love it when I remember my mood is my work!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.