Tuesday Tips: 11 Ways to Beat the Game

Yes by Kelly Cree

Tuesday Tips: 11 Ways to Beat the Game

Yes by Kelly Cree

Welcome to Tuesday Tips, a list of positive thoughts that help make life a little easier. Step into the now and claim your power and energy. All the control is your hands, right now. This week, the tips are inspired by video games. When you stop trying and start playing, life has a funny way of working in your favor.


1. Look for Easter eggs.
Think of your life as a giant simulated video game. God is playing you. You're playing a first person shooter. You get to feel like you're really in the body. But it is just a game. Play life like you would a game. Look for ways to open things and get more coins. Look for gifts falling from the sky. Look for fun things to do in every square inch of the level.

2. Follow the path of least resistance.
Whatever you want, it will come to you when you're not trying. If you have to try really hard, you're going the wrong way. All you can do is be. Relax and go with the flow.


3. If you want to have fun, be fun.
You're playing a game. Be playful! Don't take it so seriously! Try this mantra: "I've decided to have a good time regardless of what anyone else is doing."

4. Feel confident.
You'll have a lot more fun if you believe in your ability to play well. Try these mantras:

  • "I live the magick life."
  • "I'm the shit."
  • "I'm a winner."
  • "I know exactly what I'm doing."
  • "I'm in the right place at the right time."

5. Focus on the parts of the game you like.
What you focus on expands. Deliberately grow the parts of reality you like the most. The easiest ways to do this are using thought direction prompts like "Wouldn't it be nice if..." or "I love it when..." or "I'm so grateful for..."

6. Count.
Silent counting is the easiest way to stop thinking when your thoughts are overwhelming. Life is much more fun when you're focused in the present, playing instead of pondering. The Now is a line between the past and the present. Thoughts are things that take up space, so there can't be thoughts in the Now. Let your thoughts go and let joy in.


7. Get over your fear of death.
You wouldn't be afraid to lose one of your lives in a video game. I promise you, this life is no more serious. The worst that can happen to you is that you die. The best that can happen is that you die! Fuck it. Live it up. No one gets out of here alive.

8. When things don't go your way, feel excited about what the contrast is helping you ask for.
When you experience something you don't want, all it means is that now you know what you do want. You can't have one without the other. When you desire something, it's created. That negative experience is actually helping you to create the positive experience you want to live. When you feel bad, feel good about it. It means the good is created and coming your way.

9. Decide how you want to feel.
This morning I woke up thinking, "I hate myself and I hate my life." It was very easy to turn around by thinking about how I'd rather feel. "I love myself and I love my life." A simple but deliberate shift in perspective is all you need. "I love it when I feel __________" is a useful prompt.


10. Trust the game.
When life feels scary or annoying or just plain shitty, have faith. You're here for a reason. This isn't serious. You are in control. You are god in human form! Stay identified with god who is playing the game, instead of the character being played. You are YOU playing Mario, not Mario being played! This is just for fun! Loosen up, relax, and look for evidence of god all around you. Life loves you. This game is a gift.

"But it's so hard!" Then give up. Surrender. Stop trying. Stop thinking about it. Let life live you. Let god play you. Let go. "How do I let go?" Stop thinking and enter the Now. "How do I stop thinking?" Count.

11. Breathe
If counting isn't your thing today, try focusing on your breath. It will help you detach from the ups and downs of the game and feel good right now. Breathe in and raise your vibration, breathe out and release your resistance. You don't have to think or do anything. If you can cut down your focus to just your breath and perceiving the moment around you, you'll be able to enjoy your trip. Right now is the time of your life. Right now is all there is. Right now is forever. Are you enjoying it or are you resisting it? It's up to you. Try this mantra: "I'm so happy to be here."

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Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Libby

    I love this idea so much! I have been doing something similar recently and having so much fun with it…I look at myself as a baby angel trying to earn my wings. I keep an eye out for more experienced angels who are giving me tips, and for little tasks/people that I can serve to earn points. The more points the closer I am to my wings, haha! It’s fun, and so much like your game/level idea I had to share. Bless you!

  • novaa

    J-Mull you are the queen. These tips are the fuckin coins I was looking for! LOVE

  • Jenna

    Reading Tuesday Tips feels like drinking champagne and dancing around for no reason. You bring so much joy, Jessica.

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