Tuesday Tips: A 10-Solution Worksheet for Producing Good-Feeling Experiences

Tuesday Tips: A 10-Solution Worksheet for Producing Good-Feeling Experiences

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Welcome to Tuesday Tips, a weekly compilation of ways to change reality by thinking on purpose. Deciding to control your reality by managing your thoughts is a challenge, but the good news is you get a clean slate to start over with in every new moment. Every instant is an opportunity to turn the boat downstream, from struggling against the flow to floating blissfully with it.

This week, the Tips come in a word-problem/fill-in-the-blank format. Think of the following as a worksheet. Get out your looseleaf paper and a pencil and let your magick unfold! These prompts will help you direct your thoughts towards things that feel good, and in turn, produce good-feeling experiences.


1. Write your ideal daily routine.
For inspiration, read the routines of famous writers. After you've decided what you'd like your routine to be, intend to allow a similar routine to flow into your experience. Trust it will come to you naturally and take no action to force it. Never think of your routine again, and before you know it, you'll be living the routine of your dreams. Bonus points for realizing your routine is already perfect the way it is!

2. Name one thing you would do if you weren't afraid. Do it.
Ralph Waldo Emerson says, "Always, always, always, always, always do what you are afraid to do." And: "Do the thing you fear and the death of fear is certain." (Check out Brian Johnson's newsletters for more.)


3. Finish the sentence. Wouldn't it be nice if ______________?

4. Imagine something great happening for your best friend. Describe their success in a sentence.
Believing in someone and thinking the best for them is the greatest gift you can give.

5. Practice your telepathy. Send someone a kind thought in the air.
Try something like, "Dear __________, I love you and you're doing great!" They'll feel it, and will act as if you had told them aloud.


6. Fill in the blanks. I ____________ what I love, and I love what I ____________.
Examples: I eat what I love, and I love what I eat. I invest my thoughts in what I love, and I love what I invest my thoughts in. Apply this mantra to any area of your life you'd like to improve.

7. Demonstrate your ability to believe in the unbelievable.
Whatever you believe, you're right. You get what you expect. Your expectations are based on your beliefs. A belief is just a thought you think a lot.

8. Fill in the blank. Today, I want to feel ____________.
Choose from the following or make up your own: joy, appreciation, empowered, free, love, passion, enthusiasm, eagerness, happiness, belief, optimism, flow, ease, peace, confidence, bold, courageous, fearless, inspired, successful, delight.


9. Name one synchronicity you've noticed today.
When you look for evidence that everything is connected, you see it everywhere you look. If you can't think of a synchronicity (a surprising coincidence), think of a random thing you'd like to encounter. I love looking for snails and unicycles. The next time you see your indicator, know it's a message from the universe saying, "You're on the right path!"

10 When you notice it, you get more of it. What's one thing you'd like to notice more of?
I want to notice more iPads!

Turn in your homework in the School of Life Design group

Each week, I post a link to the Tips in the School of Life Design group on Facebook. This is your opportunity to apply one of these ideas to your life and see what changes unfold. This week it's easy since they're mostly fill-in-the-blanks! Post your answers in this thread so we can discuss and create new ideas. It's always inspiring to see how other people put positivity into practice. Thanks for playing!

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Living the magick life.
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    Love love love your Tuesday Tips, and your meditations always get me into flow. Thank you so much.

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    Oh my darling Self Help Hipster thank you so much for your comment! You continuously inspire me! <3

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