Evening #gratitude

Evening #gratitude

Grateful for Kelly and pwny and linty. Grateful for a perfect day at work. Grateful we get to work out tonight! Grateful for my friends. Grateful life is easy. Grateful to be soaking almonds and sunflower seeds. Grateful the oven is fixed! Grateful I live in such an awesome place! Grateful I get to choose how I feel. Grateful life loves me.

Grateful for indicators. Grateful for thoughts that feel good. Grateful Kelly just put the washer away. Grateful for kind comments on my YouTube meditations. Grateful for my family. Grateful everything is working out for everyone. Grateful I don't have to care. Grateful I can be mad!

Grateful to be an artist. Grateful for pngs. Grateful to be chillin with my wife. Grateful everything always comes to me.

Everything I've ever received, I've never had to try. I'd only been doing me. I'm doing me.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.