Tuesday Tips: 9 Ways to Be Happy to Be Here

Tuesday Tips: 9 Ways to Be Happy to Be…

I'm so happy to be here!

Welcome to Tuesday Tips, a weekly compilation of thoughts I like to think. This week, I've spent a lot of time focusing on enjoying myself wherever I am. I have enough life experience to know that when I choose to feel good in the moment, anything I'm worrying about works itself out and the flow whisks me away. Saying "I'm so happy to be here" helps me stop thinking about wanting to be somewhere else, with someone else, doing something else. When I'm happy with what I have, the universe keeps bringing me more things to be happy about. Below are some other ideas I've come across that help me stick to my mission: to feel good no matter what!


Welcome to Rodney Vision by Kelly Cree
1. Practice telling the story describing your success.
Often when we want something, Kelly and I will imagine the conversation we'll have when the desire manifests. For example, I want to have a good day at work. So I imagine driving home with Kelly, laughing and having fun. I imagine telling her how I had the desire to have a good day and I practiced the feeling by imagining a joyful drive home, during which we laugh and celebrate all the great things that happened. Now that I have had the vision of my success, all I have to do is forget about it and it'll come. (Thanks for the Rodney Vision story, Molly!)

Hot Dog for Titties by Kelly Cree
2. Trade hot dogs for titties.
What if hot dogs were currency for titties? Anything could happen. Remember that, like everything else, currency is created by you and it can be anything you want. Imagine a currency in flow. You'd always be in the right place at the right time with the right thing to trade for exactly what you want. (Thanks Rick!)


3. He who is hungry thinks about food.
Everything everyone says is a direct reflection of what they're thinking about, which is a direct reflection of what you're thinking about. (Thanks Armin!)

Coupon by Bella Parayno
4. What would you do if money were no object?
Alan Watts says, "Better to have a short life that is full of what you like doing, than a long life spent in a miserable way." Never do anything you don't want to do for the money, because you'll just end up having to do more stuff you don't want to do to get more money. Instead, do what you love and the money will follow.

I have, I feel, I am by Kelly Cree
5. Ask yourself, what do I desire?
List the things you want to have, the emotions you want to feel, and the things you want to be. Then rewrite the list in the form of affirmations. Decide what you have. Decide what you feel. Decide who you are, and that's who you'll be.

6. You're on a mission. A mission for ecstasy!
Your only mission on earth is to feel good and let the flow through you. Your mission is to live your life - you can't help but desire, and those desires are what allow infinite source energy to continue to expand. Your only mission is to let that flow through you. When you resist, you're not on task.

See Them with Their Puppy
7. See them with their puppy.
Halcyon published a super-awesome Hug Nation video in which he talks about an angry kid who was hard to be around. One day his family got a new puppy. When the little boy went to show someone the new puppy, he was completely transformed—acting in a kind, loving, joyful manner. Everyone has the potential to act like that little boy, so just try to see them in that state first. Imagine people at their best and they'll meet your expectations.


8. Try this mantra: "I'm innocent."
Most of my life I've spent feeling guilty. Guilty about having too much, guilty about having an easier life than others, guilty about getting what I want while someone else goes with out, guilty about my behavior. So I've decided to practice the opposite feeling—innocence. You're just a baby animal doing your best. You haven't done anything wrong. You are a good person living a good life!


Sure as Shit!
9. Be sure as shit!
Project a vibration of certainty that you're living the life you want. When you decide to know it's happening, you allow it to flow into your experience. When you have the desire, it's created. The universe is on it and trying to give it to you in every moment. Sure as shit. (Thanks Coco!)

Share what tips work for you!

Every week, I post a link to the tips in the School of Life Design group on Facebook. Choose which tip you want to apply to your life this week and let us know how it goes in this thread. We'd love to hear what resonates with you. Thanks for reading, playing and sharing! I love you so much!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Mia

    You always have the best tips! I love the idea of seeing someone at their best instead of their worst and also being “sure as shit”! So inspiring :)

    Happy Tuesday!

  • jessica mullen

    Thanks Mia!! I see you with your puppy and you are SO CUTE. xoxoxox

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