What do I desire?

What do I desire?

Grateful for my wife. Grateful for our anniversary. Grateful to spend time appreciating. Grateful to ask "what do I desire?"

I desire:
- to feel good in my body
- to have fun
- to feel inspired
- to feel excited
- to be debt free
- a bigger, newer, good-smelling apartment with a breeze and natural light and wood floors
- to feel sexy
- to be honest
- to see people with their puppy
- to feel brave
- to feel successful
- to feel confident
- to make art
- to travel
- to have 1 on 1 time with more people
- to love unconditionally
- to be nice to myself
- to be happy with what I have
- to breathe new life into my website
- to think less

Mostly I want to feel inspired and excited. And I want to be kind and generous. And I want to love unconditionally.

I feel amazing in my body right now.
I am having so much fun right now!
I feel inspired and excited right now!
I am debt-free right now.
I live in a wonderful apartment right now.
I feel sexy right now.
I am honest right now.
I am brave right now.
I see you with your puppy right now!
I am successful right now.
I am confident right now.
I'm making art right now.
I'm traveling right now.
I'm having 1 on 1 time right now.
I love unconditionally right now.
I'm nice to myself right now.
I'm happy with what I have. What I have is enough. What I have is all that I need right now.
I'm breathing new life into my site right now.
I'm thinking less right now.

I feel inspired and excited right now! I am kind and generous right now! I love you no matter what right now!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.