Tuesday Tips: 9 Ways to Let Life Help you

Fractaliciousness by VJDK

Tuesday Tips: 9 Ways to Let Life Help you

Fractaliciousness by VJDK

Welcome to Tuesday Tips, a weekly collection of thoughts that make life easier and more fun. What you think about, you bring about, and how you feel determines what you experience. Being a conscious creator of your reality takes practice, but that's it! There's nothing complicated about creating the life of your dreams, you just have to keep at it in every moment. It gets easier every day to make tiny adjustments to your thoughts, and those tiny adjustments add up to incredible manifestations. You are already perfect, and you are infinitely powerful, and now your only job is to enjoy this playground we call reality. L-E-T-S G-O!


1. Smile!
I feel like I've found a magickal Game Genie shortcut to life! My mood is my work, so I'm always looking for ways to feel good. Instead of trying to think myself into alignment, I've started to just SMILE. If you can pull up a genuine smile, it's impossible to feel bad at the same time! Sometimes it might be hard to smile, because you think you have nothing to smile about. But if you can force yourself to (like going to the gym!), your whole reality will instantly reflect your higher vibration.

2. Play the "Make a wish" game.
I've been playing this with my friends at meals a lot. Pick out a magick wand (a pencil, a straw, a stick, anything!), and one by one, ask everyone what their wish is. It's a fun way to think about what you want, and I'm consistently surprised by how many wishes come true!


3. Practice not caring about what other people think.
My sister Joy is an absolute PRO at this. Here's her advice: Imagine people can read your thoughts. You wouldn't want someone to see that you're caring about what they think! You would want to be thinking about how awesome your life is. Imagine what your shitty ex would think about how amazing you are now. Rub your thoughts about your badass life in their face! And if you're still thinking about what someone thinks, try to tune it out like a song you don't like.

4. Look at your job as realtime evidence of your vibration.
Jobs are fun to have because it's like a sandbox to iterate your vibration in. If your work is normally boring, see how excited you can make yourself feel and then work won't be boring. If your work is difficult, practice feeling like life is easy for you. Then your work will be easy to do. If you're programming or doing something technical, practice feeling like a magician. You'll find magickal solutions.

5. See autocorrect as indicator.
Everything is an indicator of your vibration, even what your phone autocorrects your texts to. Isn't that weird? When you see those funny autocorrections, use them as an indicator of your mood and adjust accordingly.


6. Make feeling good your only goal.
Sometimes I get stressed out that I don't have some giant project or milestone I'm working towards. Kelly reminded me that my only work is my mood, so my goal should be to feel good in every moment. Then those giant milestone projects unfold naturally, effortlessly, and without any painful planning. Just keep asking yourself, "How do I feel now?" and find a way to feel even better.

7. Go to bed on a high note.
It is so much easier to have a good day if you go to bed the night before feeling good.


8. Trust god.
Source energy, life, infinite intelligence—whatever you want to call it— is truly taking care of you every step of the way. Whenever I start feeling fear, worry, or dread about something specific, I say to myself, "If this [insert crappy thing here] is what god really wants for me, then I trust it's the right thing. I want it to be another way, but I trust that whatever happens is what I need." Usually the crappy thing (for example, a stomachache) goes away immediately.

9. Get a taste of your infinite nature with 3D fractals.
Watching these videos created with Mandelbulb 3D gave me goosebumps. Somehow looking at fractals explains more about the nature of reality than words ever could. Now I like to think of my reality as a fractal and my vibration the fractal "seed." Whatever I project, life turns into an beautiful, infinite maze. Fractals are a great visualization of the power we have as creators, and after watching these videos I feel like I'm able to keep much better control over my mood.

Tuesday Tip homework: share your positivity practice in the School of Life Design group

Every week I post a link to the Tips in the School of Life Design group on Facebook. Choose a tip from above to apply to your own life this week and share your progress on this thread. Let the process be easy—just set an intention and forget about it. Life will guide you the rest of the way.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.