Tuesday Tips: 18 Ways to Shine Your Brightest

Tuesday Tips: 18 Ways to Shine Your Brightest

Artwork by Janie Waller

Welcome to Tuesday Tips, a weekly compilation of ways to love yourself and your life. This week's tips are focused on ways to take control of your actions, thoughts and emotions to see yourself as the perfect being you already are. You get to decide the reality you live in, and these ideas will help you practice your way there.


1. Just keep moving!
Fill all of your time doing awesome things with people you love.

2. Get your ass to the gym.
The feeling of physical strength helps you project vibrational strength.

3. What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail?
Thanks for this one, Kristy!


4. Visualize your life one year from now.
It can only come if you imagine it first. (Read Mia's story for inspiration!)

5. Think the best for people.
Your friends can only reflect what you think about them, so think of them as successful, fun and perfect the way they are.

6. Take your own advice.
Listen to the advice you give to people. Chances are it's the advice you need to take.

7. Ask yourself "Now what?" as often as possible.
It will help you focus your thoughts on what you want.

8. Try this mantra: "My life is so funny!"
Because all I want to do is laugh at jokes all day.

9. Try this mantra again: "I love you, you're doing great!"
Say it to yourself, your friends, your family, your enemies. Everyone wants to hear it.

10. Try this mantra: "I love living you."
Don the perspective of god, who loves living you no matter what is going on in your life.

11. Try this mantra: "This moment is perfect."
Isn't it?

12. Pre-pave your experiences.
Before doing something, think about how you want it go.

13. Look for the positive aspects and disregard the rest!
The other day I was driving on the highway with my gas cap open. I started making up positive aspects of the situation. Miraculously, the gas cap closed on its own.


14. Do your job.
Your mood is your only work. If you're in a good mood, everything is easy and life inspires you to your next step. Keep asking yourself, "How do I feel now?" and do whatever you can to feel good.

15. Be patient.
What you want it coming, bigger and better than you can imagine.


16. Be present.
Stop thinking about where you have to go next. You're in the right place at the right time, right now.

17. Let go of the past, even if it's good.
The now is always more delicious than the past if you let it be.

18. All you can do is be, and all you can be is here now.
Thanks Kelly!

Tuesday Tip homework: share your positivity practice in the School of Life Design group

Every week I post a link to the tips in the School of Life Design group. Pick one tip that resonates with you and set an intention to apply it to your life this week. Your insights are invaluable to our evolution, so please post your experiences on this thread and share what you learn. Thank you for playing!

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