Tuesday Tips: 15 Chill Vibez to Send with Love

Tuesday Tips: 15 Chill Vibez to Send with Love

Artwork by Kelly Cree

Welcome to Tuesday Tips, the weekly guide to practicing positivity. What you do, think, and feel adds up to the individual perspective you are being right now. That perspective is the vibration you're projecting into the world, and it's the vibration playing back to you right now. Your life is one enormous musical instrument and you have the freedom to play whatever song you want.

I like to think of Tuesday Tips as musical scales you can play on your instrument, warming up your powers of creation. Positive thinking, feeling and being just take practice, and you get better every day. Every moment is a chance to start over, and you may find that the less you try, the easier it is. Life wants you to have fun playing this game. Let it live you and enjoy the ride!


1. "Do you have any idea how much easier life is if you just shut up?"
My attorney friend said this to my giggling group of trouble-making companions the other night. He was referring to what to do if you get arrested, but I prefer a more spiritual interpretation! You can't listen if you're talking. Your reality is like a radio broadcasting your vibration back to you. Listen to the station you're tuned to and then you'll be able to change it if you want.

2. Spoil yourself rotten!
Pamper yourself. When you take care of yourself, life takes care of you.

3. Mind your manners.
Saying "please" and "thank you" are the easiest ways to send a signal of appreciation in the present moment. Every time you say "thank you," life takes note of your vibration and conspires to bring you more. Every time you say "please," you appreciate the person you're asking, and life will bring you more people who can give you what you want.


4. Try this mantra again: "I don't care."
This has been the most helpful mantra I've attracted this week. Whenever I have a negative thought, I simply think, "I don't care." I know that everything I want comes when I don't care, so if I care, I'm not vibrating the signal I want. And when I say "I don't care" to a thought and my mind replies with "Yes you do! You should!" then I know where I have some vibrational work to do! Here's an article I wrote on this mantra a few months ago if you'd like to explore this more. (P.S. it might be more fun to approach this mantra from the perspective of the Honey Badger. Honey Badger don't give no fuck!)

5. Accept light and dark.
I found the image above on Facebook. It goes perfectly with the "I don't care" mantra. When you don't care about the negative, you accept the beauty of light and dark in your life. If you can embrace the negative and not be emotionally affected by it, you can see how necessary negative things are to help you know what you want. Are you experiencing the symptoms of the shift? Can you feel the perfection of the ups and downs?

6. Talk to your higher self.
My oracle-healer-magician wife Kelly writes these incredible posts to her higher self. The idea is that if you just ask your higher self for advice, you'll get it. Your higher self (your connection to source, the whole You, the perfect version of yourself) is always there for you. Here's an example script from Kelly:


self are you there
yes i’m here i’m always here
you know that
i know.

it feels good to remember it feels good
to talk to you to know you’re always there
i know.
do you love me?


always and forever?
and beyond.
you know that.
i know.

i love you
i love you

7. Try this mantra again: I'm ready.
You have to be ready to allow what you want to flow into your life right now. If you aren't ready to receive what you want (whether it be love, money, health, etc.), then it can never come. Try using this mantra to prepare yourself. When you're ready, it will come. And being ready doesn't mean just being ready to accept material manifestations. You have to be ready for the hard stuff too. Be ready to cry, to let your guard down, to do what needs to be done to get to the next level. No need to pull the band-aid off slowly—man up and be ready to live the life you want.

8. Play the "What went well?" game.
I found this gem in an email from Brian Johnson of Philosopher's Notes. The simple version: "Write down three things that went well today and why they went well." Focusing on what works in your life always invites more in.

9. Try this mantra: "I'm tripping my balls off!"
I don't know about you, but I love the feeling of reality getting all weird and dreamy and deep and trippy. Nothing makes me happier than realizing there is no end to the depth of life experience! This mantra helps when I get bored or too caught up in the illusion— it helps me remember we're on one crazy adventure and I should chill out and focus on love.


10. Listen to the Joy Joy Joy song!
Abraham-Hicks played this at the beginning of one of their workshops that Kelly and I watched. Ermahgerd, it is so uplifting! The first time you hear it you might think "THIS IS SO GAY CHEESY" but have an open mind and it will make you feel so good!

11. Try this mantra: "I am loved."
The second most useful mantra I've found this week, saying "I am loved" to myself makes me feel like a kid again. Everything I want in life, I want because I want to feel love. Skip the middleman of manifestation and just decide to feel loved. Then you'll attract experiences that make you feel loved. Also, when you say "I am loved," you start to see how many ways you are being loved right now. That hot shower loves you! Your breakfast loves you! Your partner loves you! Your mom loves you (so much)!

12. Know when something is right or not.
Abraham-Hicks gives a simple way to know if you're making the right decision. "If it's not right, it's not right." You always know, if you take the time to ask.


13. Let go.
If you ever find yourself hanging onto fear, read this from Sophia Love.

14. Be your best self ever.
This piece from Ron Head has great instructions.

We know many of you converse daily with your highest selves. We wish you now to invite those most powerful and loving beings to live as and through your physical selves. Ask for all the fragmented pieces of yourselves that your previous traumas split off from you to return home and be whole again. Voice to yourselves many times each day now the words “I AM”, and follow them with your highest understanding and desires. Make it so, dear hearts.

15. Be a calm sea of tranquility.
Life is good. It's taking care of everything. It's scary to choose peace when all you see is the storm, but keep zooming out to see the bigger picture. We are eternal beings, and the adventure is just beginning. We have all the time in the world. There is no rush. Relax and enjoy your day my loves!

Tuesday Tip homework: share your positivity practice in the School of Life Design group

Every week I post the link to the Tips in the School of Life Design group on Facebook. I like to pick one tip to practice applying to my life in the coming week. This past week I chose to focus on "being ready." I found that what I became ready for was releasing my negative feelings. I was able to use the mantra "I don't care" to let go of so many negative thoughts. I ended up manifesting incredible things! New clients, abundant donations, perfect timing, and loving relationships were just a few of the things that went well for me this week.

Your homework is to choose one Tip from this post that you'd like to apply to your own life and share your intention in the SoLD group. We would all LOVE to hear what works for you. And if you have any tips of your own, please share them too! Thanks for playing! I love you!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • lk

    I’ve been enjoying your blog, but this… “you might think “THIS IS SO GAY” ”

    Wow, not cool. You might want to have another talk with your best self over that one.

  • jessica mullen

    Aww that’s fair. To me it’s just a word, but I understand your perspective. I guess I’m only showing my own discomfort with expressing myself. Thanks for the comment! <3

  • sunny

    i’ve already picked my homework! #9 fo sho. last night my boyfriend and i were having a great time, just talking and thinking and cuddling and laughing and being silly, and he says, “this is kinda what being on shrooms is like. sunny, your life is pretty much on shrooms. like, all the time.” i got so geeked about that. i do feel that psychedelic and incredible most of the time, so why don’t i just choose to feel that way all the time? :D

  • jessica mullen

    Sunny, that is so so so inspiring. We NEED to hang out! Today I intend for my life to be on shrooms :D

    Thanks for the reply darlin!

  • dagmara

    Wow, your posts are always amazing. I’m about to face some challenges and I’m a bit afraid but your words give me comfort. thank you so much. I love you and Kelly.

  • Sophia

    Hi Jessica, first of all I want to tell you that I love your blog and I’ve learned a lot reading it. Second, I have a question. I feel like positive thinking/having a positive mindset and mindfulness/living in the moment kind contradict each other. To be a happy person, should you think (positively) or not? I’m really curious what your view is on this. Thank you so much for everything!

  • jessica mullen

    Thank you Dagmara! I love you!!

    Sophia, that is a great question! To truly be in the moment, one isn’t thinking very much, but participating. The thing is that being in the moment is difficult for us humans who have trained ourselves to think CONSTANTLY. So I think being happy is a combination of practicing stopping thought (through meditation or mindfulness), and deliberately practicing positive thoughts. Because no matter what, you are going to start thinking. And it’s a matter of training your mind to go down the path you prefer. If you practice thinking positive thoughts (like, what are the positive aspects of this situation? or gratitude, or mantras, etc), then when your mind revs up, a positive thought will more likely come to you.

    That being said, most people LIKE to think. We like to reminisce, to plan, to dream, to imagine. That’s what our mind is for. It’s a powerful tool for creation. We don’t have to think, but it’s our creative power in this reality. So if we can guide our thoughts to perceive the reality we prefer, creation is more enjoyable.

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