Tuesday Tips: 12 Ways to Align with Love

Tuesday Tips: 12 Ways to Align with Love

Artwork by Studio Marmalade

Welcome to Tuesday Tips, a weekly guide to feeling good and aligning with love. Time is speeding up, life is getting better, and the ride is only getting wilder. This week's tips will help you use love as your guiding compass to the infinite possibilities of life. Open up your imagination and your heart and prepare to be delighted, inspired and surprised at how easy it is to let life take care of you while you have all the fun!


1. Let action be pulled through you.
You never have to take action if you don't feel certainty, or if the action isn't "in the flow". The perfect action will be pulled through you at the right time, in the right place. Leave the coordination to the universe; your only job is to allow life to bring you what you want. When the time is right to take action, it will feel like, "but of course this is happening..."

2. Take videos of your flow art practice.
It takes balls to videotape yourself and put it on the Internet. It can motivate you to perform at your best, and sharing your practice inspires others to move forward on their own journey. Mia Moore posted her hooping practice in the School of Life Design group and it made me want to make my own again soon!


3. Play the synchronicity game.
Ask your friends the last synchronicity they experienced. It's happening to everyone way more than ever!

4. Ask yourself, "Are you ready yet?"
Halcyon shared this idea from Jacob Glass in this Hug Nation video. Life keeps asking you in every moment, "Are you ready yet? Are you ready to step into the divine roll you came to live?" Are you ready to live the life of your dreams? Are you ready to experience the miracle in this moment?


5. Whenever you have a negative thought, feel the love in your heart.

Whenever there is a stray negative thought that comes in, switch to feeling the love in your heart. Stay with that feeling in your heart until you can feel it flood all through you. Any negative thoughts will disappear. If you can practise this regularly, in a very short time you will be living the life you want, in every area. As you magnetize the love in your heart, your whole life will change. ~The Secret Daily Teachings widget / Rhonda Byrne

6. What if it was the last day you saw everyone you know?
How differently would you act if you were living this day like it was your last chance to spend with everyone you see?

7. Appreciate others.
And you will be appreciated. Give compliments. Tell people you love them. Make lists of positive aspects about people who rub you the wrong way. When you appreciate, both you and the object of your appreciation increase in value.

8. Stop feeling negative.
Here's a great article about how your thoughts cause your emotions, and you are not your thoughts. You can choose the thoughts you think and therefore control how you feel. The piece uses a terrific analogy to explain:

When you are at home, people often come and knock on your door. You pause, look at who it is, and decide if you are going to let them into your home. Your home is your safe and sacred sanctuary and you don’t just let anyone in. You may speak to them at the door if they are a stranger, or immediately invite them in if you recognize them as loving family or friends.

Now, replace you as the house itself, thoughts are the strangers or friends knocking at your door, and your decision to open or close the door is the power of choice you possess as a result of pausing to assess the quality of thoughts knocking at your door. The thoughts knocking outside your front door are not part of you in the house, but separate entities outside your home. Thoughts knocking for your permission to come inside and be part of your home require your approval and permission to enter.


9. Be your inner child.
Ted Hughes wrote an incredibly moving letter to his son about the universal inner child and how we build up walls to protect it. If you don't have time to read it, I'll leave you with the last line: "And the only thing people regret is that they didn’t live boldly enough, that they didn’t invest enough heart, didn’t love enough. Nothing else really counts at all." We all know that's true. Let's live it!

10. Try my new 2 minute Daily Meditations!
I've started recording short video meditations on most weekdays. They always improve my mood, and even Reddit likes them! Here's one from last Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Monday. You can subscribe to my Youtube channel to stay caught up.

11. Breathe.
The universe is taking care of everything else. (Thanks Samuel Greenberg!)

12. Be Jesus.
Take those WWJD? bracelets to a new level. We are entering a period called Christ consciousness, in which we all realize we are divine. Each and every one of us is god in human form. Halcyon shared a video about stepping into this divine role, with instructions for embracing this level of consciousness: "Be present. Have integrity. Align with love." So I ask you (as un-ironically as I possibly can), what would Jesus do?

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Thanks for reading, participating and playing! I love you so much!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.