Change is in the air. #gratitude

Change is in the air. #gratitude

Grateful to have time to relax. Grateful to be here. Grateful to feel good. Grateful to read uplifting blog posts at American Kabuki. Grateful there are others. Grateful to lead with my light. Grateful to trust. Grateful to be ok with what is.

Grateful to let my fears go. Grateful we already checked in for our flight. Grateful we get to go to NYC with our friends and mentors. Grateful to feel part of something amazing.

Grateful to have a trained mind. Grateful to feel the power of my focus. Grateful for a mantra that WORKS! Grateful to feel this good so late in the day. Grateful to give myself permission to rest. Grateful my sister is going to check on the kitties! Grateful to feel prepared and excited.

Grateful for my sleepy wife. Grateful to feel energized. Grateful for AC and running water and for food in my fridge.

Grateful to be ok with what is. Grateful to trust this right now. Grateful to welcome more love into my life.

I intend to fill every space in my life with love. I intend to project the unconditional love I want to receive. I intend to lead with my love. I intend to give myself the love I crave. I intend to expand the love in my life. I intend to look for opportunities to love. I intend to love more every day. I intend to love all that I encounter. I intend to be the love I know I am.

I am ok with what is. I am allowing this to be the best night of my life. I am letting life live me. I am my reason for feeling good, because I am love.

I am practiced. I am peaceful. I am ok with what is. I am happy with what I have. I am excited to be me! I am excited to be open! I am excited to take life to the next level! I am love, I am god, I am one.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.