Tuesday Tips, Vegas Edition: 13 Ways to Do the Work

Tuesday Tips, Vegas Edition: 13 Ways to Do the…


Welcome to Tuesday Tips, a weekly guide to leading a positive lifestyle. Taken from my life experience and translated into actionable advice, I write these to remind myself that life is easy when I let it be. The past few days I've been in fabulous Las Vegas with some incredible friends (here are the pix!). The most important thing I've learned? To keep doing the work no matter what!

"The work" is anything I can do to feel good. Writing about what I'm grateful for, lifestreaming, meditating, and exercising are the easiest things I can do to get in a good mood. A good mood is the key to an enjoyable life experience. I learned that even on vacation, especially on vacation, the work is the only activity I should care about. When I do the work, everything unfolds perfectly. So let's explore some ways to get it done.


1. Act as if.
If you want to live a certain lifestyle, just do it. Usually you'll find you already have the means, it probably just feels a little uncomfortable. But the only way to ever get something different in your life experience is to first become it yourself. Fake it till you make it, even if you're scared.

2. Don't take care of other people, unless you want them to need to be taken care of.
When you want to fix people or make decisions for them, you're implying they can't do it themselves. You take away their power. Assume that the people you love are just as awesome as you are, and they'll reflect that.


3. Stop looking for a free ride and man the fuck up.
If you want something, pay for it. If you're constantly looking for someone else to support you, you'll always feel like you need to be supported. Support yourself. You're strong.

4. A gentle reminder: don't care about what anyone thinks!
YOU are the creator of what other people think. If you don't think about them, they're not doing much thinking about you at all. Your perception is the only truth. The instant you start worrying about what someone else thinks about you or your behavior, you introduce doubt into your vibration. If you follow what you feel is right, without caring about someone else's opinion about it, you'll always be on the right path. Do YOU!

5. Try this mantra: "It's easy being me."
My friend Magen came up with this one at brunch the other day. All you have to do is believe it and it's true. Then go and brush your shoulders off!

6. Life moving a little fast? Try this mantra: "I have my shit together."
It's fun to go fast, but scary if you don't feel up for the challenge. Tell yourself that you have your shit together and your consciousness will stay neatly ordered while you ride the ride.

7. Play the "wouldn't it be nice" game.
I love this game so much I got it tattooed on me. I learned it from Abraham-Hicks. All you have to do is say "Wouldn't it be nice if I had a good day? Wouldn't it be nice if life was easy today?" And so on. For each idea you come up with, try not to think of reasons why it wouldn't happen. The point is to feel the feeling of those things actually coming true. "Buts," or reasons why you think it wouldn't happen, immediately cancel the positive signal you send with "wouldn't it be nice?"

8. Decide your blog's purpose.
This article helped me clarify some things about my own site. It emphasizes that when you blog for you, you attract customers like yourself. I especially liked the question, "How do I sell my products and services to me?"


9. Afraid of getting in trouble? Try this mantra: "I'm free!"
I grew up with a constant fear of getting grounded, or in some sort of legal trouble. I always felt like I was doing something wrong. But the impulse to do what I wanted was way stronger. Now I have a way to calm myself when I'm doing what I want but fearing the consequences: I just say, "I'm free." No matter what happens, I will always have the freedom to create my reality. No one will ever stop me from switching to the reality I prefer. I am free to live the life I want to live. No one could stop me but me.

10. Make your goal this week to love yourself no matter what.
If you're like me, you criticize and beat yourself up for not being where you want to be. What if you could love yourself the way you are, where you are? What if you could love yourself as perfect right now? What if you gave yourself the love you want from other people? The only reason anyone does anything is because they want to feel love, so cut out the middle man and give it to yourself.


11. Try this meditation: listen for the smallest sound.
If you want to stop focusing on the negative and be washed away into the Now, my friends Luke and Betty taught me a neat trick: listen for the smallest sound you can hear and give all your attention to it. You will eventually become one with the sound, and whatever is bothering you will disappear.

12. See the magick in life.
Everything is a pattern. Everything is an exact replica of you. Everything in your reality is telling you something about the signal you're sending. If you pause and listen, you can see the connections. Look for the magick and it's right in front of you. Isn't it such a miracle that we're here at all? Step away from your mind and become the bigger picture.

13. Everything you see is a choice.
My aforementioned friend Luke was describing a multi-day vision quest he went on in the woods. After sitting for days, he came to realize "I am everything." When I asked him what that meant, he said that he discovered that he is aware of everything, but only perceives what he considers to be important. Since he is aware of everything, he is everything. Every single thing is a mirror. You decide what you want to see in the mirror. What's important to you? What do you want to see? Look for it, and it's you(rs).

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Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.