Tuesday Tips: 10 Ways to Stop Trying & Let It Come to You

Tuesday Tips: 10 Ways to Stop Trying & Let…

Artwork by Kelly Cree

Welcome to Tuesday Tips, a weekly collection of ideas that help me see I'm already living the good life. This week's tips are focused on staying in the flow and letting life do all the work. The more you let go, the more it flows. Life is just for fun, so let's live it up!

Artwork by Kelly Cree

1. Use cute animal pix for your phone wallpaper.
My friend Maggie said she never knows what to use for her phone wallpaper, so she just uses cute and funny animal pictures (like this cat whale!). I thought it was the most endearing thing ever! I'll take a cute animal mood boost anytime.

2. Don't DO anything!
Let action be pulled through you instead of forcing it. All you can do is take advantage of the opportunity in each moment. Life will guide you through the path of least resistance if you let it. Relax and listen for the flow.

Artwork by Kelly Cree

3. Try this mantra: "It's hard to keep up with (your name here)."
My friend Kristy is a fitness instructor whose son often comes to her classes. After finding him napping in the middle of the day, she said to him, "It's hard keeping up with mom isn't it?" Ever since then, when I feel overwhelmed with life I just say "It's hard keeping up with Rainbow!" and I always manage to find the energy to push through.

4. Idolize yourself.
The more you respect, adore and lavish yourself with attention, the more you'll attract it from other people. Look out for #1. You deserve it.

5. Accept the gifts the universe gives you.
One of Armin's catchphrases for his young daughters over at UCllc HQ is "You get what you get and you don't throw a fit." Trust that whatever you receive is exactly what you need.

Artwork by Kelly Cree

6. Experiencing contrast?
Here is a mini cheat sheet of ways to turn the boat from paddling against negative emotion to floating effortlessly downstream.

  • Instead of thinking about what you don't like, try "I like it when..."
  • Focus on the solution instead of the problem. If you have what you don't want, what is it you do want?
  • If something is still bothering you, let it go by saying "I've decided to feel good about that."
  • Every time you try one of the above techniques, imagine yourself pulsing an electrical signal that is literally attracting what you want. Try to physically feel your vibration. Bzzzzz.

7. Be nice to yourself!
I know that self-love is integral to a happy life, but sometimes I forget how. Kelly and her mom both say to treat yourself like a friend. Imagine how nice a friend would be to you. Tell yourself you love yourself. And try this mantra: "I'm kind to myself." When you're nice to yourself, others will be nice to you too.

8. Have a literal attitude of gratitude.
I love writing about what I'm grateful for because it always lifts my mood. When I don't have time to sit down and write, I've started doing it in my head. I think, "I'm so grateful to be here. I'm so grateful for my health. I'm so grateful for this coffee." And on and on. It keeps me in the moment, appreciating everything around me. It takes a lot of focus but it feels so good and it's so energizing. It can get really emotional too, because when you slow down to appreciate what you have, you can see what a miracle your life actually is.

9. Practice the feeling of telling someone how you got what you wanted.
You can skip all the hard parts of getting from here to there by just imagining that you're already at your goal. Picture telling someone how you got what you wanted because you decided to think about what you want and feel good anyway. Imagine what it feels like to already have what you want. Practice telling your success story and you'll be pulsing the signal of having what you want. Before you know it, you'll be living it.

Artwork by Kelly Cree

10. Trust the spirograph of life.
Life is breath in and out, on and off, a bowl both full and empty. When things move away from you, trust it. When they come back, enjoy it. In a spirograph drawing, the design has to loop out away from the center to make a pretty pattern. If things didn't go back and forth, up and down, on and off, we would be a single point. Trust the bigger picture of life. It's creating such amazing things for us. Trust, let go, and let life live you. You're in the right place at the right time. You're doing everything right. And I love you!

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