Tuesday Tips: 14 Mirrors You’ll Love to Look Into

Tuesday Tips: 14 Mirrors You’ll Love to Look Into

Artwork by Kelly Cree

Welcome to Tuesday Tips, a weekly collection of ideas that tune me up, turn me on and tap me into the magick of life. This week's tips are all about how life doesn't affect you, it reflects you. Whatever you put into it, you're getting out of it. Look into your life and you'll see yourself staring back, and there's so much to like about what you see!

Artwork by Kelly Cree

1. Look in the mirror.
Your entire reality is the mirror. Every single thing in your experience is reflecting the vibration you are projecting. It's reflecting your thoughts and emotions. If you don't like what you're seeing, you can change it by making peace with that part of yourself. For example, if someone isn't being nice to you, ask yourself if you're being nice to yourself. Check out this beautiful quote by Jackson Kiddard for a more poetic interpretation.

2. Lifestream!
I like to remind myself every day why I lifestream (i.e., share pictures, text, audio and video about my life on my site and social media sites). I do it for two specific reasons: 1) to look for things to appreciate about my current reality, and 2) to train myself to not care what other people think.

3. Do you!
Here is my number one relationship rule, EVER. For any type of relationship—friend, relative or lover. Do what YOU want to do. Decide what YOU want and go after it. When you put yourself first, you are taking care of the only relationship that matters, because everything is you! Everything you do for yourself will be reflected to you in your life experience. Be kind to yourself and life will be kind to you. You don't have to do anything to make anyone else feel good. It is everyone's own responsibility to make themselves feel good. You deciding to feel good will result in other people deciding to feel good.

4. Play the improv game "Yes! And..."
My sister Joy is an actress, and the other day she told me about the Yes And game. One actor will establish the scene ("What a crazy day for life on Mars!") and the next actor will agree and add more ("Yes, and we still have to camp here for two more weeks!"). This game is a sweet recipe for life—accept and embrace all that is around you. Play along. Go with the flow. Basically, say yes and roll with what life is giving you. It's just for fun!

Artwork by Kelly Cree

5. Focus your eyes on a single point. Look with curiosity. Count. Breathe.
This is my favorite meditation technique. The longer you focus, the higher your vibration rises. It's like taking an elevator to a higher perspective, using the single point as the fulcrum.

6. Trust the lifestream flow!
If Facebook crashes when you're trying to upload a picture, let it go! A better streaming opportunity is coming your way! Everything, even with your lifestream, happens for a reason. Trust the flow and let go. Don't try to force anything.

7. Try this mantra: I live the magick life.
When I get scared because I'm a crazy risk-taker, I just remind myself that I know life is magick and it's all just for fun. You just have to trust that it'll work. You can't ask how the rainbow works, you just have to walk on it and trust it'll hold you.

8. Try this mantra: "I'm dealt a new hand in every moment."
Only the thoughts you think right now matter. Past and future are an illusion that you can affect with your current thoughts. Look at each moment as an iteration instead of a point in linear time, like starting a video game over. The game doesn't remember what you did last time you played. It only matters what you do this time around.

9. It all comes down to your expectations.
Whatever you expect from life, you get. An expectation is a belief. A belief is just a thought you think a lot. Change your thoughts, change your beliefs, change your expectations, change your life.

Artwork by Kelly Cree

10. Make everyone feel special.
In my quest to love unconditionally, I'm learning how to love everyone the same. When you meet people with the expectation that they are special, and you treat them that way, they reflect that back to you. Everyone can be your best friend if you approach them as if they already are.

11. To release fear, try this mantra: I ain't afraid of no ghost!
There is only well being. Anything else is an untrue illusion, a figment of your imagination. Let go of your fear—it's just False Evidence Appearing Real.

12. Love yourself.
Say "I love you" to everything in your reality. It's all you, baby! If you think there are things you couldn't possibly love, remember that when you stop resisting, they'll stop persisting.

13. Just got something you really wanted?
Bookmark the feeling of not caring. That's what it feels like to get what you want. Then the next time you want something really bad, practice that feeling you had when you got what you wanted. The more attention you give to that feeling, the easier it is to access when you need it. Less time between desire and manifestation means more fun asking and receiving.

Artwork by Kelly Cree

14. Know your power.
In every moment, we are creating with our thoughts. Now that I know that it really is pretty easy to switch to the reality I prefer by changing my thoughts, I use a simple process to get my mind where I want it. I say "I'm creating the version I want," followed by affirming I have what I want. Today I'm using "I'm creating the version I want. I'm having so much fun!"

Thanks for reading! I know you're having fun too! I love you, have a great week my friends.

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Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Paula Young LMFT

    Hi Jessica. It’s always helpful to visit your blog. It’s my reliable Uplifting place! Number 10 on this post is something I like so much and agree with. I have been practicing something similar for a long time. It was after I began noticing due to the work I do, how individual and unique each person is. I see a lot of the same problems presented but each person has a different way of experiencing it and resolving it.
    So, then I noticed how, when I was out and about, a lot of people treat service providers—store clerks, waiters, post office employees, etc. as if they were not actually people, but , instead, part of the restaurant or store they were working in, like a piece of equipment, an extension of the cash register,etc. Since then I always, or almost always, recognize in myself that the clerk I am interacting with is a special, unique individual; that means that I make eye contact, sometimes I chat a little, I often smile, I am polite, and I remember things about them very easily because i am paying attention. So, if I patronize that place again, I will naturally speak to them on a personal level. It’s just for a minute, but, c’mon, it doesn’t cost you anything so I hope more people will start treating the others they encounter as a Thou, rather than an It.
    Number 13, I didn’t understand.
    Thanks Jessica, Paula

  • jessica mullen

    I’ve been thinking about your comment for over a week!

    I think part of waking up is realizing that everyone is indeed, you. That individual perception is so powerful that you will see your own attitude reflected in every interaction. We’re trained so young to fear and hate and judge that it’s easy to grow up thinking that emotional distance and mistrust is the safest path, but the safest path is actually love. Everyone responds to love!

    I love what you say about everyone being a Thou, not an It. I think it requires a certain level of intention and awareness, but more and more people get there every day. And it all comes down to belief – if you believe everyone around you sees each other as Thou, you’ll see the reflections of that. And if you look deep enough, you see it’s all out of love anyway, right?

    As for 13, I’ll try to give an example. I wanted to have a specific thing happen socially, with a specific friend. I wanted it so bad! Then suddenly I stopped caring about that thing, because I found a social replacement. (Think: you want to be friends with someone, and then you find a new friend, and all the sudden the person you used to want to be friends with starts wanting to hang out).

    So I noticed that I got exactly what I asked for, and it was almost disappointing, because I didn’t care about receiving it anymore. I’d moved on to bigger and better – I’d decided to feel good even though I didn’t have that thing.

    So I get that thing, and I’m no happier for receiving it. But I bookmark that feeling so I can practice what that’s like the next time I want something really bad. Basically all I’m saying is that receiving what you want never brings happiness – you have to be that happiness before the manifestation will ever occur. I was as happy as if I had received that thing I wanted. So it came. (But still I wanted more! … so I didn’t care about receiving).

    Make any sense?
    Thanks for the conversation!!

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