Perfect night #gratitude

Perfect night #gratitude

Grateful to be here! Grateful for the most fun night ever! Grateful for the most fun day ever! Grateful everything is going my way! Grateful for my sweet wife! Grateful to be waking up into the dream more and more every day. Grateful to be choosing to see the miracle of every moment more and more. Grateful to be able to handle my shit. Grateful to be practiced. Grateful for jokes and laughter and friends. Grateful life is good to me.

Grateful to be awake. Grateful to be conscious. Grateful to not know what's next but not care. Grateful to know it'll be good. Grateful things just keep getting better and better. Grateful for Sunday Funday! Grateful for my amazing sister! Grateful for my sweet kitties! Grateful for birthday parties and bowling! Grateful to be included! Grateful to be invited! Grateful to feel part of things! Grateful to feel integrated! Grateful to feel one!

Grateful to be here. Grateful to barely have time to process how amazing my life is because I'm too busy living my amazing life. Grateful for the feeling of peace I have. Grateful to have a bookmark of what it feels like to get what I want. Grateful to be conscious. Grateful to be aware. Grateful to see that I'll always be getting what I want, and it'll never feel as good as I think it will, because then I'll want something else. Grateful to see that I just have to embrace whatever is right now. I just have to love what's right now. Because I'm always getting what I want in every moment but I always want something more - I just have to be happy with what I have because I WANTED THIS!

Grateful for this perspective. Grateful to see how it works. Grateful to be a designer! Grateful to feel good in my body. Grateful life is so good to me. Grateful to be surrounded by love all day every day. Grateful for positive feedback. Grateful to trust my intuition. Grateful to trust my gut! Grateful to realize more every day that I have explicit instructions within constantly and all I have to do is listen!!

Grateful for this right now. Grateful for sweet friends. Grateful to feel loved. Grateful to feel cared for. Grateful to feel like I know what's going on. Grateful to remember to breathe. Grateful to remember to be my reason for feeling good. Grateful to be trained in my thinking. Grateful to be practiced in my thinking. Grateful to understand the powerful tool that is my mind. Grateful to feel the understanding instead of having to explain it or science it. Grateful to know feeling is enough. Grateful to know the feeling of truth so well.

Grateful for new ideas. Grateful to see people in better light. Grateful to bring bs to light. Grateful to have time. Grateful life is long. Grateful to be in control of my vibration. Grateful to let go. Grateful to know how to play. Grateful to be in love.

Grateful to be riding a new wave. Grateful to be in love. Grateful everything is working out for everyone. Grateful timing is lining up. Grateful things make more sense. Grateful we're all getting better at this. Grateful to know how to ride waves. Grateful there's always another level. Grateful to be here. Grateful to get to play. Grateful to learn. Grateful to teach. Grateful to be a part of it all. Grateful I see the bigger picture. Grateful I see the magick in life. Grateful I live the magick life. Just think about what you want!

I am doing my best work. I love unconditionally. I trust the process of life. I am fearless. I know I'm in the right place at the right time. I'm creating the version I want. I'm practiced. I'm a leader. I'm doing everything right. I'm in love. I'm magick. I'm fun. I'm brilliant. Life is easy for me. Life is good to me. Life lives me. I listen. I know.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.