More #gratitude!

More #gratitude!

Grateful to be creating the version I want. Grateful to be in control of my vibration. Grateful to know feeling good is GOOD. Grateful feeling good is easy. Grateful everything is working out for me. Grateful to be decisive. Grateful to be on this level. Grateful to feel excited to be alive. Grateful to not care about anything. Grateful everything is working out for me.

Grateful to be fun. Grateful to know I am love. Grateful to remember all the times everything has worked out. Grateful to trust the flow of life. Grateful to release attachment. Grateful to know I'll be ok no matter what. Grateful to trust life will take care of me. Grateful to love where I am right now. Grateful to feel focused. Grateful I know that THIS IS MY WORK!

Grateful to be a writer. Grateful to be in love. Grateful to be having fun. Grateful to be in this Now. Grateful to trust the flow. Grateful to relax and let things take care of themselves. Grateful to let it unfold. Grateful it's easy to let it unfold. Grateful I know I'm here for a reason. Grateful I know I'm doing everything right.

Dear Jessica,
I love you. You can relax now. You can trust this moment. You can let the flow through. Life is here for you. We're all breathing the same breath. We're all the same. You can relax now. Just relax, and allow this to be the best night of your life. Decide what you want and then allow it to come. Release your thoughts and rocketship to the top. You're already there.

Know your value. Know you are invaluable. Know what a treasure you are. Know how far you've come. Trust your path. Trust what you're doing. Could it be any other way? Just trust this. Trust life. Trust the process of life. Life loves you so much. Life wants you to be happy. Life wants you to succeed. Just relax and let go of your worries. There is no need to worry about anything.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.