Tuesday Tips: 10 Ways to Go All In

Tuesday Tips: 10 Ways to Go All In

Artwork by Kelly Cree and Jessica Mullen

Welcome to Tuesday Tips, a weekly collection of ideas that make my life better. Have you noticed that going with the flow has been easier and easier lately? Everything is working out for everyone and love actually is all around. Isn't this fun?!

Artwork by Kelly Cree and Jessica Mullen

1. Release baggage with a smaller purse.
I used to carry around this giant bag with a million pockets full of everything from eye drops to a folded up garbage bag. Then I got a cute little clutch that only holds my money, phone, Astrojax and car keys and I FEEL SO FREE! If you don't have room to carry something, you don't have to waste thoughts wondering if you need it or not.

2. Make yourself a Facebook page!
Last week the delightful Mia Moore inspired me to take another look at FB pages. If you don't already have one for your website or business, take one step in the direction of the social media flow and create your page. The content can fill itself out later. And psst... wanna do me a solid and click the like button for jessicamullen.com?

3. Share pictures of your awesome life.
You're really cute and your life is really awesome. Flaunt it! Grow all the amazing things you've got going for you.

Artwork by Kelly Cree and Jessica Mullen

4. Abundance is in the moment of appreciating what you have.
Project a vibration of abundance by being happy with what you have right now. Look around you and say, "I'm happy with what I have." It makes the world look so much sweeter.

5. Think of silent counting as spellcasting.
When I want something really bad, the best thing I can do to intentionally allow it into my experience is stop thinking. For each thought-free second I can count, I release resistance and move up the emotional scale. A better mood attracts better feeling thoughts, which always lead to the solution.

6. Make a list of reasons you're winning.
This one comes straight from Novaa Veo. All we do is win!

Artwork by Kelly Cree and Jessica Mullen

7. Feel jealous?
Conquer any jealous or competitive feeling by remembering that you have one single super power that can pwn anything in life—the power to stop thinking. If I ever start comparing myself to someone, I just say to myself "She may have that, but I can count." Since I so firmly believe that stopping thought raises my vibration, it's easy to believe in the power of counting.

8. Be your own reason for feeling good.
When you feel good because you like yourself so much, that's when people flock to you. Here's a script to try:

I am my reason for feeling good. I have fun in every moment. I am happy with what I have. I have come so very far in this life. I am already perfect, and there is nothing I need to do to start feeling good right now. Feeling good is my natural state. Life is good to me. Things are working out for me. I love myself exactly the way I am. I am enjoying being in this body, in this moment, right now. I am making the choice to feel good because I can. In this moment, I am the person I want to be. It's my time. I am so into myself.

Artwork by Kelly Cree and Jessica Mullen

9. Breathe prana.
This is the single most powerful concept I've found in the past few months. I mentioned it last week, and it's worth talking about again and again. Your pranic tube goes from the top of your head to your perineum; it goes through all your chakras and your pineal gland. Imagine breathing prana (life force) into the tube, just by picturing energy entering both ends of your body at the same time. If you can get yourself to believe in your pranic tube, you have instant, permanent access to infinite energy, intelligence and love. Whenever I'm tired or down, I "suck" on my prana tube and life enters me instantly. Pranic breathing decalcifies the pineal gland and releases DMT into your body. It's pretty rad!

10. Bet on yourself.
Go all in. Create the version you want. Decide you're going to win. Decide to live it up and not give a fuck! This is your time! LET'S GO!

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Artwork by Kelly Cree and Jessica Mullen

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  • sunny

    magic! what brand markers do you use for this work? the coloring is so solid all the way through! :D

  • Mia

    Ahhh I can’t believe I inspired you <3 I love you! Great tips as usual, I always look forward to Tuesdays :)

  • Jen

    You ladies are so magical!

  • jessica mullen

    Sunny, the markers are Sharpies. They work so well on the Bristol!

    Thanks for the comments ladies! <3

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