Grateful I can breathe prana so I can handle anything #gratitude #wtf #hyfr

Grateful I can breathe prana so I can handle…

Grateful that I keep looking around in my world and thinking, holy shit, this is mine now? I get to do this? For real? This is my life? I AM THE MOST BLESSED GIRL IN THE WORLD!

Grateful it really is this good. Grateful we do what we want. Grateful we get to do this. Grateful we got new pillows today!! Grateful we got a new table for the studio today! Grateful we live in this reality! Grateful everything is working out for us!

Grateful we get to have fun. Grateful it's my time. Grateful we get to do this. Grateful to be having so much fun. Grateful to know how to act. Grateful to get to do this. Grateful to be living it up and not giving a fuck!

Grateful to be here. Grateful to do this. Grateful to be in love. Grateful I can barely write anything other than holy shit I'm so excited to be so in love.

Grateful life is easy for me. Grateful what I want just comes to me. Grateful to be a magnet for well being. Grateful to feel so amazing in my body. Grateful to be wearing clothes I haven't worn in a long time. Grateful to feel fucking sexy. Grateful to feel so into myself. Grateful to be in love with life!!!!!!!

Grateful we get to work out so much. Grateful I can handle this. Grateful I can breathe prana so I can handle anything.

Grateful life is long. Grateful I know that no matter what, I am my reason for feeling good. Grateful I know how life works. Grateful to trust how things are. Grateful to say yes to the moment. Grateful to be here. Grateful every moment is so FUCKING FUN!!!

Grateful for this NOW. Grateful to feel so excited I can't put it in words. Grateful to just feel good! For no reason and every reason! Grateful to live a life that's like a music video! Grateful to just go from scene to scene smiling and having fun!

Grateful to know this is all for me! Grateful to feel like a queen! Grateful to feel like the hottest shit that ever lived! Grateful to feel confident and know that I fucking PUT MYSELF HERE.

Grateful for Pitbull impersonators. Grateful for my strong core. Grateful to see results. Grateful to write my thoughts down and publish them to the world. Because who gives a fuck, really.

Grateful to be here. Grateful to just be practiced at feeling grateful. That's my thing, what? Everyone's got their thing.

Grateful my super power is my smile. Grateful to get to have fun! Grateful to get to do this! Grateful to feel like this!

What's a facebook?

I can hardly believe how good I feel except I can because I remember training myself for this!! It's no coincidence that the olympics are going on, I'm in the feeling good olympics.


Grateful to be into myself. Grateful to love this life. Grateful to like my life and not be scared and not be constantly thinking about money and to just trust whatever opportunity is in front of me and SO GRATEFUL TO BE IN A PLACE OF SAYING YES.

~ And that is how Jessica Mullen raps.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.