I’m shining.

I’m shining.

I'm shining.

I feel what it feels like to shine.

I feel my consciousness ascending. I feel more empowered than ever before. I feel connected. I feel loving. I feel stronger than ever. I feel boss as all hell.

I love who I am. I don't care how I got here, I don't have to write it down. I'm here. I made it. I'm here.

I'm breathing prana. I'm in the dollhouse. I'm in the places I've dreamt about. I've been here before.

It's all just for fun. It's all just a fun game I'm creating.
And you're creating.
And you're creating.
And it's so fun to create together. Gosh I love you.

Meditating more than ever. Enjoying my body more than ever. Loving harder than ever. Opening up wider than ever before. DOING WHAT I WOULD DO IF I WASN'T AFRAID. It's that easy. If wasn't afraid, I wouldn't feel afraid. And then I don't. Easy. Instant confidence. I know that acting (or resisting) out of fear is what creates contrast and blocks the flow. I know that from enough life experience. I am acting only in love. And fun. It's the same thing.

I am creating my story in this Now moment and I am creating the version I want.
I am creating the version I want. I am connected. I am breathing. I am ascending. I am so blessed. I am cared for. I live with an angel. I LIVE WITH AN ANGEL. I live with an angel. I'm so in love.

And I'm shining. So. Fucking. Bright.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.