Lo que quiero

Lo que quiero

To have the best workout of my life. To feel strong, skinny and fun. To give myself constant love. I love you Jessica. To have plans for monday. To leave the gym feeling inspired and euphoric. To attract a new article idea. To laugh and play. To feel loved and enticing.

To find more ways to love myself. To feel energized and exhilarated. To let it come to me. To feel inner peace. To feel balance and flow. To have an electric wild connection.

To feel in love with everyone. To love myself unconditionally. To do my best. To feel my best.

To inspire from within. To be a boss. To feel confident and knowing. To trust the process of life. To not try, only allow.

To allow abundance. To allow ease. To allow myself to feel good no matter what. To focus one point and breathe.

To give the love I want to receive. To feel cared for by life. To connect and love and have fun!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.