Good evening #gratitude

Good evening #gratitude

Grateful for the perfect day. Grateful we finished our client work and I worked on the SoLD site and launched the logo and bought advertising! Grateful there's a tshirt and more products coming and a whole community of awesome people! Grateful to be a graphic designer! Grateful to take the path of least resistance!

Grateful to feel so excited! Grateful to be in love with doing the worksheets Kelly and I have made! Grateful to have a reawakened love for organizing office supplies! Grateful to be excited about making a new worksheet! Grateful to love myself! Grateful tomorrow is lazy Wednesday! Grateful to feel abundant and excited about my work!

Grateful to love my job! Grateful to love where I am right now! Grateful I didn't drink tonight! Grateful I feel so good in my body! Grateful I feel strong and skinny and sexy and awesome! Grateful I'm in love with myself! Grateful to like being around myself! Grateful to like who I am! Grateful to feel good! Grateful we made dinner for tomorrow! Grateful to be vegan! Grateful to be into cooking again!!!

Grateful to be into my life! Grateful to love every component! Grateful for our community at the Y and for the SoLD community and for the UCllc community and for my family and friends and for all the parties and celebrations I get to go to! Grateful to be learning more about hooping every day! Grateful I learned chest hooping today! Grateful we have a bedtime! Grateful to be in love with my vibration! Grateful to be raising it higher than ever before! Grateful to like myself! Grateful it's all working out for everyone!

Grateful to remember to breathe! Grateful to do worksheets! Grateful to focus on what's working! Grateful to be excited about deliberate creation again! Grateful to be ready for the next level! Grateful to know what I want. Grateful to be a person! Grateful to let it come to me! Grateful I can shift my attention towards what I want! Grateful to be more practiced every day! Grateful to be in love! Grateful to be loved! Grateful it's all working out! Grateful my empire is alive!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Mia

    Yay!! Sounds like such a good day! I’m so happy to have the School of Life Design on my site :)

  • jessica mullen

    I’m so happy too!! Your site is amazing!! You have come so far so fast!

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