Tuesday Tips: 18 Ways to Beez in the Trap

Tuesday Tips: 18 Ways to Beez in the Trap

Artwork by Kelly Cree and Jessica Mullen

Welcome to Tuesday Tips, a weekly compilation of ways to practice a positive lifestyle. Based on my life experience and numbered for your pleasure, these suggestions should definitely rub you the right way.


Artwork by Kelly Cree and Jessica Mullen

1.Feng Shui-erise your wallet.
Gala Darling wrote a great piece on how to project the vibration of abundance.

2. Take action to go outside your comfort zone.
When you know you want something, make your actions vibrational symbols of the signal you want to send. If you believe in infinite abundance, then take the money you have and buy whatever you want. Force yourself to walk the walk of the vibration you want to achieve. Make a grand claim, say you'll achieve the impossible, make a risky investment. Throw your knapsack over the fence. Decide to live the way you want to live. You'll never go back!

3. Focus your vision on a single point to maintain your physical balance during a workout.
Thanks, Southwest Austin YMCA Body Combat class.


Artwork by Kelly Cree and Jessica Mullen

4. Try this mantra: Everything is going well for me.
Can you believe it? Do you want to?

5. See reality as a live organism you are living in.
Anything you do to it will affect you, because you're inside of it. Go ahead, pet that table. It's you.

6. Quantum leap to right Now.
Stop looking for the world to suddenly change so everything can be fixed. Know that it already is, right now. Isn't this just perfect, being here right now?

7. Remember the body brush.
If you can stop thinking about that thing you think you want, you'll be able to allow all the things the universe is trying to give you that you wanted but forgot about. For example, Kelly and I were showering together. I hadn't gotten wet yet and was getting impatient with how much time she was taking under the water. Instead of letting my impatience overcome me, I decided to let go and enjoy the moment by looking at one spot on the shower curtain and focusing on my breath. Then I said, "Oh man, I forgot to use my body brush before getting in," to which Kelly replied, "You can still do it now!" Aha, I hadn't gotten wet yet because what I really wanted was to use that body brush before I got in! A little TMI example, but that's how it works—every moment is a tiny example that you can be allowing what you want to flow in.

8. Kiss your thoughts goodbye.
If something feels a little too good to think about, and you know you're just introducing resistance into the situation, end your thoughts on a good note. Kiss that sweet thought you're thinking goodbye and move back into the Now.


Artwork by Kelly Cree and Jessica Mullen

9. Decide how you want to feel.
The other day, Kelly gave me a delicious mantra about life: "It doesn't affect me, it reflects me." If you are observant enough, you can watch a change in your mood immediately reflect in your experience. Send a clear signal of what you want to feel, and your experiences instantly reflect it.

10. Practice the feeling.
If you want it bad enough, you'll do this. Practice the feeling of what it will feel like when you get what you want, then feel good even though you don't have it yet. You are a magnet, and your feelings are attracting everything in your experience. Decide to send the signal of certainty. There's always enough. Take what you want.

11. After you know what it's going to feel like, stop thinking about it.
It always comes when you stop caring if it comes. Decide there's nothing you can do about it and it must be coming because you felt the feeling of what it's like to have it. The only way to enjoy getting what you want is to be present enough to celebrate the receipt of what you wanted before.

12. Ask yourself, what gets you kid-on-Christmas-morning excited?
What are you most enthusiastic about (whether it be in the now or something occurring in the near future)? Thank you so much for this exciting question Bridie!

13. Feel like you're on vacation.
Think of today as Christmas and your birthday, and you're in Hawaii. Tonight is New Year's Eve. Do whatever you would do if it were those days. Yeah, this is some carpe diem shit but if you just try to feel like you're on vacation for one second, you'll find your life feeling more and more like a vacation every day. I don't know if that's your thing, but it's definitely mine!

14. Release your attachment to conditional love.
Tell all the people in your life, "I love you no matter what." If you have contrast with someone, pull up a memory of a good time and appreciate it. Practice by saying "I love it when we're in a good mood together. I love it when we have fun together."

15. Don't let people bring you down.
When I was in a really good mood and Kelly wasn't, for a second I started giving her contrast attention and allowing it to make me feel bad. But I felt too good to give up that easily, so I said "She'll just have to get on my level." I stopped focusing on her not-so-good mood and placed my attention on how good I felt and how well my life was going. Within minutes, she was telling me how I inspired her to get in a good mood. She came up to my level and I didn't have to come down, because I chose to stay in my vortex. Or as Kelly calls it, the trap.

16. Laugh until life makes sense.
Get it?


Artwork by Kelly Cree and Jessica Mullen

17. Follow Deepak Chopra on Twitter.
He's got the truths: "When you do not have it, your heart is filled with longing. When you have it, it is nothing special. Being is independent of having or not having."

18. Decide to live it up and not give a fuck.
Come on, you're on vacation!

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  • Ann

    Love this Tuesday Tips, as always. These are my favorite part of the week, by far by far by far. I always see your post on Facebook and think, “oh, it’s Tuesday already!” What gets me really kid on Christmas excited? TUESDAY TIPS!!!
    omg you need to publish a book, right now!

  • jessica mullen

    Ann, when I got this comment you TOTALLY MADE MY DAY!! Thank you for your encouragement! And a book?! YES PLEASE! One is on its way :D

  • Erin Kys

    I thought #5 said “See reality as a live orgasm you are living in.” – I think that works for me too!

  • jessica mullen

    Hahahahaha HELL YES

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