How to Enjoy Being

Focus one point and breathe

How to Enjoy Being

Focus one point and breathe

There is an apartment building in my neighborhood that has the words "Enjoy being" painted across the front of it. I love the concept, but up until recently I really had no idea what it meant.

In another part of Austin, on a bridge that crosses Lady Bird Lake, I've discovered explicit instructions sent from above to answer the question of how to enjoy being: "Focus one point and breathe."

Focus one point and breathe

Focus one point and breathe. Feel one point on your body or look at one single speck and breathe. It's the simplest flow toy there is. You know you're outside of the Now if you lose your focus, break your gaze, or get distracted. But if you can keep your attention steady on one single point, whether it's something you're looking at or a point you're feeeing on your body (for example, the point where breath enters and leaves your nostrils), you'll feel the joy of simply being. It feels like tripping—that blissful state where you know everything is perfect and magickal right now, and things like money and time truly don't matter.

When you direct all your attention and focus to a single point, you can see how what seems stationary is constantly changing. You can begin to see and feel the unfolding of life. It's always in motion and there is no action you can take to influence it. All you can do is play with it and accept the gifts it constantly brings you.

Practice that state of being—the state of enjoying being—and that is the only work you will ever have to do on this Earth. Everything you want will unfold perfectly, now that you've gotten out of the way.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • Mike H

    Hey, I’m happy to see another person out there who is interested in achieving happiness. I have a couple of thoughts and comments on your article.
    You say, “I’ve discovered explicit instructions sent from above to answer the question of how to enjoy being: “Focus one point and breathe.””

    I don’t quote follow what you’re saying. “Being”, in my experience, is so much deeper and richer than just focusing on the “Now”. Focusing on a point and taking deep breaths can help me to regain calm and relaxation, but that is certainly not something I’ve found as a sustainable (or rich) source of joy.
    Also, to me, the calming effect of the meditation you describe stems from the dissociation of mind from my internal state. If I’m feeling extremely upset, if I focus on the external world rather than my emotions, I may feel a sense of bliss but that is only the bliss of relief from anxiety- not the bliss of achievement.
    I hope that makes some sense and I hope you’ll want to continue this conversation with me.

  • jessica mullen

    Mike, often the mind will resist the notion of stopping thought. The mind wants to understand life and make sense of reality. However the mind can never comprehend the infinite. It is my belief that the infinite can only be felt, not thought about. And when we can feel infinite intelligence, thought becomes unnecessary.

    If your Now is lacking richness, ask yourself if you are still thinking about the Now, or if you are experiencing it.

    My point is that life feels really good when it is felt and experienced, as opposed to when thought about (thinking always introduces resistance, that’s the purpose of the mind). And it is very, very easy to enter the that mind-less reality, by using the instructions I described in the above article. To your mind, it may seem too simple, or like you didn’t do any work to get there. But that’s the point – life truly is supposed to be effortless.

    Thoughts, time, memories and plans also factor in the Now. Those are all things that make being human and physical fun. It’s fun to have a mind. It’s fun to create and think and ponder. But it isn’t necessary. And when we feel bad, that is only because the thoughts we are thinking.

    So what I do, when I’m not in a good mood, is stop thinking by “enjoying being.” Stopping thought for the briefest of moments allows me to regain my connection to source energy, which instantly lifts my mood. A better mood attracts better-feeling thoughts, which results in a more enjoyable experience “being.”

    All this being said, the feeling of enjoying being alive just because you’re alive is a very real and easily accessible feeling. If you can truly disengage from your mind for a moment, you will feel the “feeling” of life. And that feeling is what makes me know life is good and everything is working out for everyone.

  • Paula Young LMFT

    Hi Jessica. The sentence you wrote, “…life truly is supposed to be effortless.” stands out to me. I like that sentence! I think it’s possible to do a lot and experience it as effortless.
    Sometimes I experience that (like in when I am composing a post for my blog) and lots of times I experience life as being quite effortful.
    It isn’t sitting around, not working that brings the effortless experience; it is being where it’s right for you. When we talk about being on our path or in the flow, it begins to sound trite, but, those are the only words we have to explain it. It’s as if you are in your correct spot with the universe. Everything is in alignment for you at that moment.
    My life is complicated and busy; I wish I could feel myself in the right place for myself more of the time, but, I am glad that I at least, know what it is!

    (Thanks for writing about this interesting topic.)

  • jessica mullen

    Hi Paula! Thank you so much for your comment – you are spot on when you say “I think it’s possible to do a lot and experience it as effortless.” I think that’s what everyone wants! To be a perfect fit in the flow, actively creating by being a cooperative component.

    And acknowledging that you know what that feeling is, is all you need to feel it more and more. And you can start just by changing your story from “My life is complicated and busy” to something more like “My life is exhilarating and effortless.” Also, just noticing all the times you are in the right place at the right time will create more and more of them. Because eventually you see that you’re always in the right place at the right time. The only way to get there is to realize you’re already here.

    Nice to meet you! Thanks for the conversation!

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